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Roller Champions Gameplay (Rocket League on Roller Skates)
Unique Roller Derby Unique Sports Sports Title ROLLER Champions has been announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, with closed alpha and beta playback tests advertised for the game.

The free-to-play title was unveiled for the first time at the E3 of last year, with a multiplayer demo available for the period E3 to give players a chance to see what it is. It has been quite quiet since then, but today, Ubisoft has unveiled that it worked with some of the best players of the original demo to refine and improve the game.

The showcase has confirmed new movements in the game, with players capable of performing aerial plates to eliminate offsetting airborne players, extended plating and teammate grapple, allowing players to catch a teammate and use their teammate. momentum to propel forward. He also saw some visual changes, with clearer tones and more animations for the characters.

Game tests have also been announced because an alpha closed will be available from March 11 for 12 days, with two test phases afterwards. The statistics will be reset once the test is complete, but those who will participate in the closed alpha will be rewarded with an exclusive skin to use when launching the game.

There was no mention of an output date for the moment, but the reading tests mean that it should be available later this year. You can register for PLAYTEST HERE, while an official discord to discuss the game is also online.