[AI News 24 Park Ye Jin] The current P2E game pointed out that a game company, not a user, is a form of money. P2E games have been exploited by marketing means, and ‘Metabus Games’ were criticized that they are only ‘contradictory’.

The Korean Games Society held the 11th launching ceremony and a press conference in Gangnam, Seoul on May 25. On this day, the Society of Society covered the issues of the current game industry, such as P2E, NFT, Metabus and Games, and Probability Items.

On this day, the Institute took a critical attitude toward the P2E game. In fact, P2E games have already been in ‘Lineage’ from Lineage ‘. The completed economic system such as a work field, a cyber money arena, an equipment, and a stable community is established, and P2E is only a difference in which NFT or blockchain technology is combined here.

The Institute of Stunning was exploited by some marketing and users to secure them in some game companies. It is intensive that it has been released in Korea recently, and it is a struggle, as ‘Infinite Crowd Three Kingdoms’, which is undergoing a lawsuit from the Game Water Care Committee. In addition, it is the claims of the restructuring of the company that will eventually make money in the event that the company is able to issue the right to issue coins.

However, NFT (alternative figurable tricks) need to be distinguished from P2E, and the game industry will be able to develop the game industry through the NFT that can clarify ownership. Copyright and ownership pointed out the issues that copyright conflicts could be made in the NFT game in the future. For example, when you want to purchase an NFT, you can compromise the copyright of the person or content in that content.

The Institute of Representatives recently showed critical perspectives on the metabus that emerged with the IT and the game industry. The metaverse game also pointed out that it was ‘contradiction’. He said, I have been trying to distinguish the regulation by distinguishing two of them, such as metabus promotion law, but the game is already metabus, I am already right to bypassing regulations, and I do not think it’s right. I said. He then added that the game related regulation is directly released and resolved.

In addition, a measure of adolescence is necessary for probability items. In general, such as European and the United States, there were generally the examples of the countries that prohibit the probability item payment of youth. He said, (((((((()) (((((((() (((((((() (((() (The currently) (currently augmented game industry law amendment (currently a mooring) game industries’ amendment.

We strongly claimed to take strong measures in the authorities for the authorities ‘pulse’ for the permits for the game service in China. The government is consistent with a tube, even though China has no opportunity costs in Korea without issuing a pane of China. Above all, the situation is more deteriorated by the game, which is a direct stakeholder.


Currently, the presidential election candidates refer to the game as a commitment, The game issue is a strategy to quite a 2030, and deeply understanding the deep understanding of the game industry itself, he said. He says gamers will not be sympathetic, and they will not be more essential to hear the story directly from 10 to 30s, which are said to spit with simple show.