On the 22nd match day of the 3rd league, the 1st FC Kaiserslautern receives the FC Viktoria Berlin. Here you can pursue the game in the live ticker.

Kaiserslautern – Viktoria Berlin 1: 0

Goals | 1: 0 NICHES
Position Kaiserslautern | RAAF – Kodiak, K. Kraus, Winkler – Teacher, Knight, Niches, Zuck, Whimsical – Redmond, Handle
Position Viktoria Berlin | Kraal – Lead, A. Hahn, Knapp – Yamaha, Open, Than, Packet, KFC – Overlap, ​​Lucas Cacao
yellow cards | \ – The (27.)

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Kaiserslautern vs. Viktoria Berlin: 3rd league now in Live tick – halftime

Halftime Conclusion: The 1st FC Kaiserslautern leads to the break with 1: 0 against Viktoria Berlin! Overall, the red devils are the better team rewarded in the 42nd minute by header by Julian Niches. In the initial phase, the Viktoria was also active and kept well with the middle of the first half. But then the Palmer tightened the pressure and first pressed earlier. This provided the Victoria defensive in front of some problems, making the first good opportunities for the FCK. In arrears, it is now difficult against the defensive-strong louder, the Berliners must definitely show another face in the second half. See you soon!


Kaiserslautern vs. Viktoria Berlin: 3rd league now in Live ticker – Postal whistle 1st half

45.: Pause in Kaiserslautern.

45.: The FCK dares again over the left side forward. Knight has a lot of green and moves towards the penalty area. His cross pass lands when the rounder, whose low shot ends from twenty meters safely in the hands of Kraal.

45.: Due to the small interruptions and treatment breaks, there are now two minutes of reflection time.

45.: Official Inspection Time (minutes): 2

44.: The leadership had already indicated because Berlin became getting passive and insecure. Now the Victoria has to show a reaction, knowledgeable that it becomes difficult against the Palatine defensive artists.

Kaiserslautern vs. Viktoria Berlin: 3. League now in Live tick – Kaiserslautern meets

42.: Tailor for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, 1: 0 by Julian Niches the hosts lead and that deserves! Whimsically runs along the ball in front of the penalty area without truly recurring. He retains the head up and serves the entranced Kodiak to the right of the box. The center-back flanks with a lot of feeling seven meters centrally in front of the gate where Niches is completely blank and kidnapped to 1: 0!

41.: Kraal’s first half commutes between genius and madness. Class parades against Redmond and Co, but then these over-tuned excursions and actions.

39.: The sky blue from Berlin must have a look that you take the 0: 0 with the halftime. Later becomes stronger and had already several good opportunities.

37.: Kraal retains the upper hand! Teacher sends Redmond behind the highest last Berlin chain towards the goal. The striker runs on the crash to which comes out, prawns and wade the low shot Rondos!

35.: Is this a penalty? Lead builds a momentous midnight into the legs of whimsical. This turns fast and looks for Redmond with a plug-in to the left in the box. Pickling with success, first hit the ball and then Redmond at the bottom of the foot, which though though though. Shirt Braun decides against a penalty.

33.: Again the standard situation does not lead to the desired danger. The red devils remain on the ball.

32.: Redmond proves a lot of overviews again and beats the ball flat and sharp from the centerline on the right side in the running of the free Teacher. The right outside moves and wants to go to the penalty area, Lead prevents him and clarifies to the corner.

30.: UK, whimsical and Handle combine themselves finely across the left side to the baseline, where Victoria clears the corner again. But that too is much too short again and is no danger to Berlin.

29.: At this stage, the momentum is rather at the homeowners. The FCC has switched off a gear and overwhelmed the guests from Berlin especially with the higher pressing.

Kaiserslautern vs. Viktoria Berlin: 3. League now in the Live tick – The iron looks yellow

27.: Phases picks up the first warning because he meets knights in the middle of their own half at the bottom of the foot.

27.: There is Handle! Redmond has so far a really strong game and drives the ball on the left side forward. He beats a flank to the penalty point where Handle shows up and the ball has a meter over the box!

26.: Lead apologizes to his Beckman crash after putting him under pressure with a high return pass. The goalkeeper must defuse the ball in the side.

25.: The corners of sugar are still too harmless. He usually kicks them half-high to the first post, where actually a Berliner was always present.

25.: Teacher hurls a throw on the right to the baseline in the penalty area. There cocks against Redmond in the air duel sits down, but can only clarify to the next corner.

24.: BUC beats the corner high on the second post, where the Palatine can first clarify this. Several second balls then land at Berliners, but all hanging on the Palatinate Block.

23.: Corner Berlin is for the first time after Winkler lenses the ball after a duel to the right next to the box in the goal.

22.: The Antwerp troupe is now a bit higher and there will be directly tight! Redmond runs Keeper Karl at the right’s point of penalty area, where the goalkeeper lucky he wins the stripping for himself – a game with the red devil!

20.: After twenty minutes, no real intermediate conclusion can be drawn here. Both teams have their actions, but there is no clear tendency, who has overweight here.

18.: The Palmer actually outstanding. Teacher is on the right of the way over the center line, then relocates the game happening with a high ball on the half-length side to whimsical. The in turn takes the high ball directly and uses it into a dreamlike socket in the direction of Redmond. The striker would be free, but Keeper’s crash fits, rushes out of his box and renting the mumble away.

17.: Always calmly calm the game again, let’s run the ball in your own rows. The FCK continues to attack just before the centerline.

16.: Replacement captain UK hammer a long-distance shot after a pass from Niches for twenty meters Hal linker position in the fourth floor of the Fritz-Walter Stadium.

15.: Redmond is now back on the square after Hindenburg had already done warm.

14.: In the meantime, the Berliners had a good situation. They come with PICKET over the right, which pulls on the baseline and dangerous to the differ. But KFC missed the leather!

13.: Wunderlist takes over the free kick torch this but relatively showing in the wall. Redmond must be treated according to his failed transverse pass – the FCK is temporary to tenth.

12.: Class action by knight! The number seven of the FCC brings a free tall ball shortly behind the center line and sets the speed of the penalty area for TempoDribbling. Open picks up the ball-strong knight in front of the box of the legs, but Shirt brown can first go on, because Knight had still sent Ritter left to the box. The situation is summarized and the FCK gets the mature free kick.

10.: Lucas Cacao attentively attentive by taking a half-high edge of Yamaha to the penalty area boldly by head. From 16 meters truly an art, the ball there is halfway dangerous next to the left posts to head.

9.: After the second corner that can be cleaned back from the Victoria, the fast counter experiment runs over the right side, WI Ramp is on the journey. But this comes to a sudden end at the right penalty area, because the FCK works well backwards.

8.: Handle device on the right corner flag of several oppressors in distress and makes the best – he provokes the next corner.

7.: The six of Philip Teacher are always dangerous. In the sharp ball from the right half room in the sixteen, however, his players let him down and do not even run towards the goal.

6.: But the red devils conquer the balls and switch quickly. Handle and Zuck pick up the first corner on the right. These beats twitch towards the first post, where the attentive Cacao clarifies by head.

5.: The Viktoria is allowed to set up quietly in one’s own half. The Palmer the guests run aggressively only from the centerline.

4.: Wunderlist introduces the first FCK attack attempt by sending Redmond to the left towards Schreiner. The wing sprayer overflows Knapp, shakes it with a fan and lays across the box towards Handle. Lead is the job and clarifies in its own penalty area.

2.: The direct attempt by Open crosses the wall and flies to the gate, but has too little pace and precision to show a problem for the White-West King RAAF.

1.: KFC takes it in Dribbling direction FCK penalty area with several FCK actors. Whimsically, it finally has enough and brings the striker to his flee 30 meters centrally in front of the gate – free kick.

Kaiserslautern vs. Viktoria Berlin: 3. League now in the LiveTticker – kick-off

1.: Referee Robin Brown whistles this third league game! A Thousand approved fans make mood on the Bette. The red devils carry red, the Viktoria from Berlin is dressed in white. Here we go!

Kaiserslautern vs. Viktoria Berlin: 3. League now in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: 67 years ago, the FCK swept the Viktoria with 10: 0 from the square! At that time, in 1955, the troupe was not a chance of FCK legend Fritz Walter’s guests from the capital. The signs are completely different today. The red devils currently have ten points more than the sky blue, which in turn could win the first leg clearly with 4: 0. The Berliners are therefore actually responsible for more than a quarter of the FCK goals, the Palmer finally cashed only thirteen heads. Kaiserslautern goes according to the table constellation, but also due to the positive trend among Antwerp as a favorite in this home game on the Bette.

Before starting: The 1st FC Kaiserslautern continues after the winter break where he has stopped. The red devils are spread-second and unprecedented for seven games. The last bankruptcy has already been held almost two months. Viktoria Berlin, on the other hand, is found in the table in the table in the table, but after the victory over Victoria Cologne last match day also with self-confidence in the duel.

Before starting: The impetus takes place at 2 pm, as a venue serves the Fritz-Walter Stadium (Kaiserslautern).

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the third ligament game between Kaiserslautern and Viktoria Berlin. It is the 22nd game day.

Kaiserslautern vs. Viktoria Berlin: 3. League today on TV and Livestream

Magenta Sport transmits the game live and full length today. At 13.45 clock the transfer with Julian Engelhardt is going on as commentator.

While Telecom customers get the subscription free of charge the first year and only pay 4.95 euros per month, not – Telecom customers from the beginning already 16.95 euros per month for the monthly subscription or 9.95 euros per month for the Pay annual subscription.

At oneefootball, the game is also acquiring for a price of 2.99 euros.

Kaiserslautern vs. Viktoria Berlin: 3. League – Official Staff

  • Kaiserslautern: RAAF – Kodiak, K. Kraus, Winkler – Teacher, Knight, Niches, Zuck, Whimsical – Redmond, Handle
  • Viktoria Berlin: Kraal – Lead, A. Hahn, Knapp – Yamaha, Open, Than, Packet, KFC – Overlap, ​​Lucas Cacao

3. League: The current table

Rank Team Sp. S U N Goals Diff. Pkt.
1 1. FC Magdeburg 21 15 2 4 44: 20 24 47
2 1. FC Kaiserslautern 21 10 6 5 32: 13 19 36
3 Contract Braunschweig 20 10 6 4 36: 20 16 36
4 SV Happen 21 11 3 7 32: 31 1 36
5 Borussia Dortmund II 22 10 4 8 33: 25 8 34
5 Waldo Mannheim 21 9 7 5 33: 25 8 34
7 1. FC Saarbrücken 21 9 7 5 33: 26 7 34
8 VFL Osnabrück 20 9 5 6 27: 20 7 32
9 TSV 1860 Munich 21 8 8 5 35: 29 6 32
10 SV When Wiesbaden 21 8 6 7 31: 27 4 30
11 SC Freiburg II 22 7 6 9 18: 32 -14 27
12 FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin 20 7 5 8 30: 26 4 26
13 FSV Zwickau 20 4 11 5 26: 28 -2 23
14 Hallescher FC 20 5 7 8 27: 33 -6 22
15 SC VERY 21 5 7 9 32: 40 -8 22
16 Viktoria Cologne 20 6 4 10 22: 36 -14 22

17 | Turkic Munich | 20 | 5 | 6 | 9 | 21: 30 | -9 | 21
18 | MSV Duisburg | 20 | 6 | 2 | 12 | 24: 33 | -9 | 20
19 | Würzburg Kickers | 21 | 3 | 8 | 10 | 14: 30 | -16 | 17
20 | TSV Averse | 21 | 3 | 4 | 14 | 17: 43 | -26 | 13

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