Coach Markus Easier from FC Augsburg has spoken out before the next meeting of the federal government and countries for a fan return.

We are, which concerns the fan utilization, on the same level as at the beginning of the pandemic, that can not be. That’s why it’s hard for me to see other things, which then allows somewhere, and in the Nobody may not take a distance, with hygiene regulations a game, said Easier in front of the game at Bayer Leverkusen.

In Bavaria’s stadiums, due to the Corona Pandemic with the rapidly spreading Omicron variant, no viewers are currently admitted. We have already proven that we can. That’s why I find zero spectators quite, quite difficult, there must be intermediate solutions, even a few thousand spectators would help us, especially here in Augsburg, said Easier with a view Proven return concepts of the Football Bundesliga.

Most recently, the four most important German profile people had demanded an end to flat-rate fan bans in a letter to the Chancellery and the Prime Ministers. Clear, practicable and especially forward-looking solutions and the return on location-related concepts should give it, it said.