Hardly BVB coach Marco Rose has again available almost his complete squad, he has to complain again. As Borussia Dortmund announced on Sunday, Eyre Can has accessed a muscle injury in the adductor area on Friday in the game against Sc Freiburg and falls out for the two games in the upcoming week.

Dortmund enters on Tuesday (20.45 pm, live! On DFB Cup) first in the DFB Cup at FC St. Pauli in Hamburg and travels on Saturday (15.30 clock) to Sondheim for guest performance at the TSG Cofferdam. Eyre has problems at the hip. We have just talked again. Since we just have to see how strong the muscular portion is or if that may come from the back, Rose had said after the party.

For CAN, it is the next muscle injury to the current season. He had one or her problem again and again that season, Rose also knows. On Friday, the national player had remained in the cabin at halftime, for him Manuel Kanji gave a longer comeback as planned after a knee surgery before the winter break. The Swiss service provider could also slide in Hamburg in the starting eleven, alternatively Marin Panoramic and Axel Wiesel are ready.