VERY COACH MERINO CASSETTE trusted after 2: 2 at Turkic Munich of the same starting eleven and did not make any changes.

Würzburg coach Danny black exchanged after the 0: 3 against 1860 Munich four times: Louis Brewing, Maximilian Brewing, Haggle and Strode ran for Lungfish, Schneider, Hoffmann and Topaz.

VERY Dominant, Würzburgs harmless

The hosts took over the game control from the first minute, Würzburg was restricted to defending. Again and again, lost gaps in the deep-standing defensive, Petrov (8.) and Along (22nd) gave good opportunities for the lead. Especially over the outside, the SCV was repeatedly dangerous, in the minute clock hailed in Petrov, Manner and Sabina in the penalty area of ​​the Würzburgs, always lacked the customers only a few centimeters. The first nominal attempt of Würzburg Herded put a good meter from the lath (27th) from 25 meters.

Until the half-time whistle it remained a game on a gate, but lost to negligently with its own opportunities and the clear playful superiority. The best opportunity for the Würzburgs had Heinrich’s in the 36th minute, but his long-distance shot hissed past the left post. So it went with 0: 0 in the break.

Würzburg as replaced

The half-time language of Danny black worked, the Würzburgs showed a completely different face after the break. Now it was the SC, who was passively deep into one’s half, especially about the right wing Würzburg always combined with the Verger behind team. Alone the meetings of the guests were still too inaccurate.

After a good ten minutes, then the host began and found back in the game, the first good chance of the second half awarded after one of the many good flanks Manners Sabina by head (58.). On the opposite side Herrmann Epic brought into a good final situation, but the Würzburg gave the ball and let the opportunity unused (63.).

In the episode, the game commuted at eye level without a team of compelling chances to develop. The game took place especially in midfield. In the last few minutes, then lost again and missed the lead in the 78th minute. Carbon’s shot on the inner post, but only tucked on the line before clarifying.

Rabbinic redeemed VERY

Although the Würzburgs were offensively hardly held, in the last few minutes, the guests broke defensive then: first redeemed Rabbinic ll with a beam in the right angles for the late 1: 0 (90th), only a few minutes later, Along used a patter of Bowman out and pushed into the empty gate after the Würzburg Keeper had previously jumped 30 meters in front of the gate under a flight. So the hosts decided the game late and secured three important points about descent fight.

VERNE travels on Saturday (2 pm) to Viktoria Cologne. Würzburg welcomes Waldo Mannheim at the same time.