Tonight Tech land will present the sixth and last episode of his online show series Dying 2 Know. For this episode, the developers have many highly expected details about Dying Light 2 Stay Human in Petty, starting with the 4-person co-op experience and of course — a new gameplay video.

For the last time, Jonah Scott, the voice of Aiden Caldwell, and his co-moderator Leah with a he’ll ride full of exciting news and in-game-insights prepared for the last episode of D2K.

But the surprises of Tech land do not end here: This episode of D2K also shows the comparison between the current and the previous console generation.

The last episode of Dying 2 Know is available today at 21:00 on Twitch.

The World Premiere of Dying Light 2 Stay Human is imminent, so fans should ensure, no episode of the dying 2 know-how to have missed, (all episodes are available here). If you want to know more, you can see more episodes of the exclusive interview format Dying 2 know more.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Published by Tech land, appears on February 4, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch (Cloud Version).