shot, shot

With last four acquired Classics and the typically far better kind in the back, Real Madrid favored in the initial semifinals of Supernova kept in Saudi Arabia. Royal that wanted to overpay their competitors mainly with quick switching, initially made the much more dangerous impact.

After a high ball gain of Benzema against Banquets, the Frenchman Sturmpartner Vinicius sent out the journey to the journey, the Arturo handed as well as in front of TER Trendy (25th). In the episode of the been worthy of management objective, nonetheless, Spain’s leaders retired, but much more energetic Catalans took over the command.

Barman originated from the cabin a lot better than actual, which entirely dropped the very first ten minutes of the second part. Via Pedro (49.) and also Dembélé (54th) pressing Catalans had two appealing shot chances, but in countable topcoats they could not be their superiority.

Although the FCB only was successful in threatening concerning flanks, after two excellent head ball possibilities by Luck de Jong (30th, 32nd) brought the Dutch Barcelona in the compensation but this way — and also how: Military desired Dembélé’s flank really fired, shot On one’s own fighter yet Luck de Jong, from which the round initially jumped on the blog post and after that to the 1: 1 right into eviction (41. ).

ANSI Fate applies the expansion

Yet once again the FC Barcelona was not (leaving). Just Joker ANSI Fate, that commemorated his return after injury break, was released after an Alba flank. The teenager headed into the long corner (83.) and also compelled the quite powerful expansion.

After an hour, the favored came to be extra energetic and also relocated the happen head once again predominantly in Barcelona’s half. Of one, however, absolutely nothing had been to be seen for some time — so Benzema thought: all great points are 3. By message shot (69.) and also Schooner (72nd), the French still failed, however Carvajal’s adhering to went across the 34-year-old in the stitches (72nd).

Madrid counters Barcelona

In the last, Blanco will meet the winner of the 2nd semi-final, which Atlético Madrid’s Thursday, and the sports club from Bilbao protect the title.

Only in the second half of the extension on both sides gradually compromised the pressures. Barcelona could just produce condition, Madrid constantly require time from the clock. The FCB still had a terrific chance to act as ANSI Fate in the 121st minute from 6 meters to the alternative, however the round did not fulfill tidy.

One of the most eventful Classic has been active for several years. It was Barça, which started much extra purposefully in the extension, after a raided counterattack, the substitute Valverde shot the Spanish record champ a third time in front (98. ). The Catalans dealt with tight shots of Banquets as well as Dembélé, Courts parishes both (101. ).

Barça came from the cabin much better than actual, which totally fell the very first ten mins of the second portion. It was Barça, which began much a lot more actively in the expansion, after an invaded counterattack, the replacement Valverde fired the Spanish record champ a third time in front (98. ). Barcelona might just produce problem, Madrid always take time from the clock. The FCB still had a wonderful possibility to act as ANSI Fate in the 121st min from 6 meters to the alternative, however the sphere did not meet clean.