Dying Light 2 Stay Human is very good, and Tech land has been responsible for even more encouraging their community with information about adventure. In this sense, the new experience between zombies will give great importance to the decisions and skills we run our to change the rules of the game. Added to this, the title trailers have left a good flavor of mouth players… except those of PS4 and Xbox One, which have not been slow to show their doubts about the performance of the game in Your platforms.

I can not share dates yet, but you can wait for it to be displayed in January Tech land Bearing in mind that promotional videos have not shown images of Dying Light 2 in said consoles, the Tech land Community Manager, Uncy8 On Twitter, he has come to reassure the community with a promise: We plan to teach a gameplay from the previous generation since we know how important it is for our players. I can not share dates yet, but you can wait for it Show in January.

Therefore, it is likely that during the next few days we have the opportunity to see the performance of the zombies in the previous generation, something that will interest the millions of players who have not yet leap to the most current consoles. In addition, it will also serve to show more details of the world created by Tech land, so the entire community can enjoy this gameplay.

If you intend to buy the PC game, you probably interest yourself the minimum and recommended requirements of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, where you have the option to activate the Ray Tracing. As for us, from 3DGEGOS we are impatient to return to this universe of zombies, since 4 hours of play and first impressions very positive have left us wanting more.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human   Cinematic Trailer

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