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FIFA 22, DCE was Flash Toty Challenge Solution 1

Discover the Flash Tony 1 Flash De Challenge solution, a team creation challenge was FIFA 22. This DCE is intended to win a three 80+ player pack by completing it.

Note that this challenge starts on Friday, January 28 at 7:00 pm and lasts two hours, ending on the Friday, January 28 at 9:30 pm. By completing this challenge, you will get a three 80+ player pack.

Should this DCE do?

The Flash Challenge Flash Tony 1 is a unique challenge, related to the Event Tony on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it.

  • Recommendation: Yes
  • Probable credit gain? No

Flash Challenge Tony 1, Criteria

  • Same nation: minimum 4
  • Different leagues: maximum 3
  • Same club: minimum 3
  • Rare cards: minimum 2
  • Overall team rating: 75
  • Collective: minimum 85
  • Reward: A Pack Three Player 80+
  • End of the challenge: Friday, January 28 at 9:30 pm
  • Price: 4.8k

TOTY Challenge 1 SBC Completed - Help & Cheap Method - Fifa 22

Our example of a solution for the Flash Tony 1 DCE Challenge has been made with the Fut bin team creator (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

Fighted Mahjong Game “Song Soul” Limited Edition “Yearly Beast Advent-Spring Feeding Operation

Costar Co., Ltd. was held for a limited time event “Annual Overte-Spring Feeding Operation-Spring Feeding Operation-Spring Feeding Operations-” held for a limited-time event “Hanuka (Jan Tampa).

Costar Co., Ltd. is a battle-type mahjong game “Arena (Jan Tampa)” operated by the Company announced a limited-time event “Yearly Beast Advent-Spring Feeding Operation-” and implementation of Toshiba.

# Limited time event “Yearly Advent-Spring Feeding Operation-” is being held!

Achieving event quests that are updated daily, you can earn event items “ingredients”. You can get a reward by feeding the “annual Beast”. “Food” can be replaced with friends.

Please check the game for details.

▼ Holding period
Wednesday, January 26, 2022-February 16, 2022 (Wed) 5: 59

※ Some quests can be achieved with the CPU.

Official Tournament Catfood Bowl - Minor #SnowTigerRoarCup - Finals

※ Some rewards according to the number of feeding are “stamp set” that can be used for a limited time, and there is a “Reflect BGM” that can only be obtained with events.

※ It is unified PT available in three mahjong and various special rules, will be 1/3 of the four mahjong.

※ Exchange of relevant PT and replacement of “food” are provided on a daily basis. Various upper limits are updated daily at 6 o’clock.

# Shiny an “Emoji Seven Wei (CV: Onega Akira)” & “Samir (CV: Shimono)” appeared!

“Sakai Seven Wei (CV: Obama Village)” and “Bamboo forest road” were newly implemented in “Sakura Road”, and “Samir (CV: Shi mono)” was implemented in “Bamboo forest road”.

Please check this opportunity.

# Over, New Decorative Pickup!

In commemoration of the Spring event, the chance of the emergence of oxide and new decorations will be up for a limited time. Please note that the pickup period of each sparrow is different.

Please obtain a sparrow who is concerned about this opportunity.

▼ New decorative
· Japanese expected: Kim Shankar color
· Requester production: 暗 梅
· Buttock: Visible Ruddy
· Sparrow table: Mocha UK bag sparrow table
· Betting: Literal Mahjong
· Hand decoration: Orange tiger hand

▼ Holding period
Wednesday, January 26, 2022-February 16, 2022 (Wed) 5: 59

※ Pickup of decorative goods is subject to “full bloom path” and “deep green path”.

※ Limited time ornaments will be eliminated from prayer after the event. It will be implemented again in the future.

# New arrival & reprint change appeared!

A new dress has appeared for a limited time for a long time with “Single, Princess” of Elsa (CV: CV: CV: CV: CV) and Nagoya Princess (CV: Ina).

Please check this opportunity.

▼ Holding period
Wednesday, January 26, 2022-February 16, 2022 (Wed) 5: 59

In addition, “History” of Adhara Mai (CV: Yuma Gucci) and “AYA ICU (CV: Nose Yuma) are being reprinted for sale.

Please check this opportunity.

▼ Holding period
Wednesday, January 26, 2022-February 16, 2022 (Wed) 5: 59

※ Dressing can not be used if you do not have a corresponding sparrow.

※ Dressing can not be purchased from “clothes shop” after the end of the sales period. It will be implemented again in the future.

※ You can check the cash on delivery from the warehouse.

※ Changing each sparrow can be changed from the dormitory.

※ [UMI dress change] can be set to ON / OFF for ugly from the dormitory. Please note that the ugly effect applies to some screens.

# “Song Soul (Jan Tampa)”

It is a Mahjong game that can play real-time players online and real time.

A variety of match styles such as a “tip game” that can play against players in the whole world You can enjoy a wide range from mahjong beginners to advanced users.

· Player plays against the character drawn with a cute character.

· Chat with other players can use a stamp of a variety of expressions according to the character.

· The voice of the character is a popular voice actor such as China, Amati China. You can hear the cute voice during the home screen and play.

· Characters are also configured with good sensitivity parameters, and you can use it as avatars and gifts them to improve preference. By increasing favorability, you can deepen the relationship with the character with the character in various scenes, such as the opening of the voices and avatar CG.

■ Click here for download
■ iOS

■ Android

■ Web browser

■ DMM version


Name: “Song Soul (Jan Tampa)” Genre: Fighting Mahjong Game Delivery Machine: iOS / Android / Web Browser Prompt: Basic Free (Item Distribution) Sparrow Soul (Jan Tampa) Official Site: HTTPS: //mahjongsoul.com Official Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/mahjongsoul_JP rights notation: © 2019 Soul Games, Inc. © 2019 Costar, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Company Profile

Company name: Costar Co., Ltd. Address: 〒 101-0022 Kodak, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Symptoms Real Estate Akihabara Time Building 11th Deputy Director: Li Ha

Hellmann: “Challenge a break from the idleness”

Just 1000 spectators were allowed to pursue the home game between Eintracht Frankfurt and Armenia Bielefeld (0: 2) in the stadium last Friday. Thus, the arena in the city forest was at 1.94 percent. In the long run, even for a club hounded before the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic, Club, as Eintracht Frankfurt is dangerous to exist. This is certainly valid for the other Hessian professional sports, which are even more relevant than the professional football of the revenue from the ticketing and the marketing of the sports facilities.

In order to achieve at least a 25-percent stadium and indoor use, Frankfurt’s CEO Axel Hellman, Darmstadt President Rudder Fitch and the Managing Director of the Handball Bundesliga HSG Regular Bjorn Sap, which is at the same time speaker of the community Team sport Hesse, in the name The Hessian Professional Clubs a letter to Prime Minister Buffer.

Mark Sober slammed a Bavarian way, we demand a Hessian way.

Axel Hellman

After a first protest letter, the trio had collided by video with Buffer last week. However, in the subsequent Prime Minister Conference, no national audience scheme for the professional sport was found. Now the Hessische Profiles demand a special way in the country.

We have written a letter to the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Buffer on the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Buffer and call for Hesse a witness of the nationwide nonstain. We demand a 25 percent utilization of the stadiums and halls, by the way, Buffer has proposed even at the last Prime Minister Conference, Mark Sober now hit a Bavarian way, we demand a Hessian way of reason, explains Hellman in conversation with the Prime Minister.

The CEO of Eintracht Frankfurt emphasizes: It can not be that for professional sports, especially for soccer, harder standards are considered for other social areas – and above all the Bundesliga has to pretend a policy capability that in Central areas did not act consistently and has not been able to rectify until today a decision in the vaccine question.

Demand for location-related viewing

In addition, the clubs demand prepare the systematic opening in certain scenarios. These opening concepts must be planned now, and not only when the Corona wave is flattened, says Hellman. He is expecting the focus to focus on local events: We have to take away from political policy resolutions and pure symbolic policy to a location-related viewing. You have to look at the framework conditions of each stadium and any hall: how does the arrival and departure run? Is that a hall with an access or are there 10, 12 or 15 inputs? Can you put people in the chessboard pattern or not? What is possible with the local health insurance offices with hygiene concepts?

While BVB-Boss Hans-Joachim Wake already announced these days to examine legal action, the responsible persons of the Hessian clubs so far rely exclusively on dialogue with politics to achieve their goals. We are still in a phase of dialogue with the Hessian state government. It would be good if we could move on the way of dialogue – and not on the legal – something for the sport, says Hellman.

Game Society “Current P2E, Not User Game Don De Barrier Donburger” [Metabus 24]

[AI News 24 Park Ye Jin] The current P2E game pointed out that a game company, not a user, is a form of money. P2E games have been exploited by marketing means, and ‘Metabus Games’ were criticized that they are only ‘contradictory’.

The Korean Games Society held the 11th launching ceremony and a press conference in Gangnam, Seoul on May 25. On this day, the Society of Society covered the issues of the current game industry, such as P2E, NFT, Metabus and Games, and Probability Items.

On this day, the Institute took a critical attitude toward the P2E game. In fact, P2E games have already been in ‘Lineage’ from Lineage ‘. The completed economic system such as a work field, a cyber money arena, an equipment, and a stable community is established, and P2E is only a difference in which NFT or blockchain technology is combined here.

The Institute of Stunning was exploited by some marketing and users to secure them in some game companies. It is intensive that it has been released in Korea recently, and it is a struggle, as ‘Infinite Crowd Three Kingdoms’, which is undergoing a lawsuit from the Game Water Care Committee. In addition, it is the claims of the restructuring of the company that will eventually make money in the event that the company is able to issue the right to issue coins.

However, NFT (alternative figurable tricks) need to be distinguished from P2E, and the game industry will be able to develop the game industry through the NFT that can clarify ownership. Copyright and ownership pointed out the issues that copyright conflicts could be made in the NFT game in the future. For example, when you want to purchase an NFT, you can compromise the copyright of the person or content in that content.

The Institute of Representatives recently showed critical perspectives on the metabus that emerged with the IT and the game industry. The metaverse game also pointed out that it was ‘contradiction’. He said, I have been trying to distinguish the regulation by distinguishing two of them, such as metabus promotion law, but the game is already metabus, I am already right to bypassing regulations, and I do not think it’s right. I said. He then added that the game related regulation is directly released and resolved.

In addition, a measure of adolescence is necessary for probability items. In general, such as European and the United States, there were generally the examples of the countries that prohibit the probability item payment of youth. He said, (((((((()) (((((((() (((((((() (((() (The currently) (currently augmented game industry law amendment (currently a mooring) game industries’ amendment.

We strongly claimed to take strong measures in the authorities for the authorities ‘pulse’ for the permits for the game service in China. The government is consistent with a tube, even though China has no opportunity costs in Korea without issuing a pane of China. Above all, the situation is more deteriorated by the game, which is a direct stakeholder.


Currently, the presidential election candidates refer to the game as a commitment, The game issue is a strategy to quite a 2030, and deeply understanding the deep understanding of the game industry itself, he said. He says gamers will not be sympathetic, and they will not be more essential to hear the story directly from 10 to 30s, which are said to spit with simple show.

Netmarble, events in seven kinds of games

Net marble (Representative Won Young, Lee Sung Won) announced on the 25th that it will conduct a variety of events in seven kinds of games.

First, Mobile MMORPG will proceed with ‘2022 operate event’ by the end of February. Users can take advantage of the New Year coin that can be obtained through event missions to obtain a variety of compensations, such as’ Legendary Events’, new face decoration ‘liner’, and legendary class’

Mobile Battle Royal MMORPG will take a die from 27th to March 3, and Easy to relaxed and ‘Regular Quest Initialization Order’, I can do the roll and big hit or tax event. In addition, from the 29th to February 2, the Four Days of Lucky Box, which can acquire five gifts, such as ‘Highest Seven’ and ‘240 Level Equipment Box’, and until February 10, In the guild store, it shows a product that can be purchased with ‘129 Mansion’.

Emotional Adventure RPG offers a EXAMPLE Summon Coupon, a ‘Equipment Summon Coupon’ and a Costume Coupon ‘, The presentation item is different for each event period, and it is paid once when the connection is connected.

Mobile MMORPG holds an event that paid ‘Lucky Al’ when playing a game content such as a neglected field, growth dungeon, and raid until the 4-day inspection. If you collect a ‘good lucky’ as much as a specific number, you can achieve additional missions, and you can earn compensation such as ‘Equipment Summon Tickets’, ‘Jewelry Summon Tickets’, and ‘Special Ganglia’. You can also use ‘Legend Felix’, ‘Legendary’, ‘Content Ticket Box’, utilizing ‘Lucky Al’.

Mobile MMORPG will be happy to be from 28th to February 3. Proceed with the New Year’s Blade ‘event. Event period The abundant compensation such as ‘LR grade transformational Raven Slot Soul’, ‘Transformation of the Transformational Transducer Raven Slot Soul’, and the ‘Advanced Surgery Price’,

Mobile Casual Board Games is a 5,000 diamond and ‘Evolutionary Petite Elms’, and ‘Private Good Lucky Item’, and ‘Fishing Map’ and ‘Family Cooperation’ Saturdays provide new contents.

Online dance game is a ‘Various Life Harbor’, ‘Little Pocket Box’, ‘Lucky Muffins’,’ Capsule Machine – An event is performed to provide a pet ‘. Until February 3, we pay ‘Boys’ Box’ selection boxes and ‘Fishing Event’ through ‘Fishing Event’, and we present ‘event candy’ through lottery to users who have created new year wishes on the homepage bulletin board.

More information on net marble games can be found through the homepage.

Fortnite: Arcane VI from League of Legends lands on the island

In the Item shop of Fortnite, players can now purchase a new outfit.

After Arcane Jinx from the animated series to League of Legends had already joined the Battle-Royale fighting on the island in November, their sister Arcane VI has also arrived.

As usual, you will receive the outfit in a corresponding package with further content.

Included in the Arcane VI package:

  • Outfit Arcane VI (1500 V-Bucks in single purchase)
  • Back Accessory Memories of Shaun
  • Pickaxe Plover Guardian Hammer (800 V bucks in single purchase)
  • Emote Boxing exercise (200 V-Bucks in single purchase)
  • Charging screen Plovers best

Set Price: 1800 instead of 2500 V bucks

Fits Arcane Jinx returned to the Item shop of Fortnite.

In the Arcane Jinx package is included:

Outfit Arcane Jinx (1500 V-Bucks in single purchase)
Back Accessory Jinx ‘Dream Off children
Pickaxe Peng-Peng-Malmer (800 V bucks in single purchase)
Lobby Music Playground (instrumental) (200 V-Bucks in single purchase)
Spray motif Jinxed
Loading screen Saying chaos
Charging screen Peng!

Set Price: 1800 instead of 2500 V bucks

SC Paderborns Muslija convinces and annoys

We also saw that we can compete with the big teams. But unfortunately we lack the quiche luck at home, Lukas Kwasniok explained after the memorable 3: 4 against Welder Bremen and certainly had the home games against Schalke (0 : 1) And the HSV (1: 2) in mind.


Muslim convinced again

The final result is really annoying. The day is not so beautiful despite my goals, said Florent Muslim. Winter’s revenue from Hanover was able to convince again in his second game for the SCP (Florent Muslija Note 2). The 23-year-old developed on the ten good ideas, transformed his penalty most safely and met attracting to the 2: 1 pause level.

The defeat resulted from individual mistakes. At the Bremen Sector through Over Torah, the reliable goalkeeper Jannie Hugh continuously flew under a corner of Marvin Duck sch. The 3: 3 of Nicolas Fuller was ahead, probably the bad lawn, mishaps of Muslim ahead.

Now it’s going to the millennia

SCP-Chef coach Kwasniok had not changed his starting eleven for the first time this season and set up the actors, which also started the 2-1 win in Nuremberg. After the play-free weekend, the East Westphalia are guests at FC St. Pauli. Enough time for the coach to determine its initial formation for the millennia. It does not talk about it that it will be the eleven actors from the Welder game.

Benzema takes superstar in protection: “Who criticizes Messi, has no idea of football”

StrikerS tar Karim Benzema has protected himself protectively from Lionel Messi and the Argentine against criticism after changing to Paris Saint-Germain in protection.

Look, what he does in the square. Overall, you can not criticize such a player. Someone who criticizes Messi has no idea of ​​football, said the (attacker) of Real Madrid to Telephoto.

Messi has not been able to shine for his emotionally accompanied change from FC Barcelona to PSG as usual, at least in the league. There, the seven-time balloon-d’or winner is only at a gate and five templates in twelve missions.

In the Champions League it ran much better for Messi, in five games, he achieved five goals, including a double pack at 3: 2 home win against RB Leipzig.

Articles and videos about the topic
Messi comeback: PSG wins – Ramos meets
All the games of the Africa Cup there are live at sportdigital.de

Benzema, which knows Messi from numerous Classics, firmly believes that the 34-year-old will leave his mark in his new club. Why should not he succeeds? It’s just a matter of acclimation, Benzema is convinced.

Hertha – Bavaria: Korkut and the three building blocks

A 17-year-old was the first to the first of the microph1. Just minutes after his completed starting part against Lewandowski, Müller or Seine, Linus Richter became the task of carrying the first estimation of the 1: 4 defeat against Bayern to the public. Brutally exhausting it had been, said the central defender at DAZN. We fought and anyone who has seen the game has noticed that everyone has gone to his limits. Since today, we can not make a reproach today. Everyone is run and played for his life.

Richter had formed after the failure of Niklas strong (middle-foying injury) together with Captain Bedrock Boat and the 19-year-old Martin Cardie formed the Berlin Triple Chain. The positive is, said coach Taycan Workout, that today we had two very, very young domestic defenders on the square that gave their best. Although, the coach clearly spoke, not always error-free. Just Cardie had not looked very happy at the 0: 1 by Corentin Polish. We have to come in front of the players, says corrupt. These are the moments from which the young players have to learn.


Workout sees only one of three building blocks

In general, one need some things that have to get together to pass against the concentrated record champion led corrupt – and called three building blocks: A good defensive work, a bit of far luck – and the moments you have to use yourself

Two of them, he realized, we did not see today, we have a little luck we had in one or the other situation. So the Favorite from Munich had left a few clear scoring chances and Bertha has long left in the game for a long time. For the other two factors for a possible favorite fall, his team could not worry. Especially with the gates, we made clear mistakes, Output said and moments like the chance of Daria to join the goal, which is also needed in such a game.

But these moments, Casket Castle, are not on our side. We will work hard for you to tilt in our direction. After the third home defeat in series he also determined: There is nothing else left.

Hitman 3 – Dartmoor: Death in the family, intrigues, assassinations, discoveries and exploits

If you are looking for a complete guide on the Mission Dartmoor – Death in the family of Hitman 3, you are in the right place. Intrigues, assassinations, discoveries, exploits… everything is explained here. However, if you miss a code to open doors or other safes, you can find it on our dedicated article.

If this is another level you are interested, you can choose it here:

  • Dubai – on the roof of the world
  • Dartmoor – Death in the family
  • Berlin – Predator Perched
  • Chongqing – End of an era (WIP)
  • Mendoza – Farewell (WIP)


1 intrigues – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

1.1 Means, Reasons and Opportunities

1.2 Its last home

1.3 A memorable day

2 Assassinations – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

3 discoveries – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

4 Exploits – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Intrigues – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Three intrigues await you at stake during your mission to Dartmoor on Hitman 3.

means, patterns and opportunities

  • Discreetly lead to the mansion while spanning the wall and crossing the stream.

  • Enter the window open right and wait for the detective in the corridor behind the suitcases. MASTER it and take his clothes.
  • Go see the butler to discover the crime scene and recover the clues, then go back to the butler to get the list of places and suspects.
  • Search all the rooms by interacting with highlighted objects in instinct mode, without forgetting to take pictures marked on the map.
  • Query all suspects, and you will be able to get your verdict to the butler and have an interview with Alexa Carlisle. You can get the Arthur Edwards folder as a reward.

his last home

  • Go to the cemetery outside and destroy the nests of birds in the trees with a silencer to bring the target in front of his grave.
  • Choose to endorse the role of the death croquet or not, and push the target into its own grave to complete the plot.

A memorable day

  • Find the fuse next to the two guards outside the manor and then join the fountain and take the screwdriver and the English key.
  • Insert the fuse into the box near the fountain and then destroy the first floor outlet with the fountain with the screwdriver.
  • Break the fountain water hose with the English key and wait until your target arrives to complete the plot.

Assassinations – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Twelve assassinations await you at stake during your mission to Dartmoor on Hitman 3.

Discoveries – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Eighteen discovery await you at stake during your mission to Dartmoor on Hitman 3.

Exploits – Hitman 3: Dartmoor

Twenty exploits await you at stake during your mission to Dartmoor on Hitman 3.

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