Merry Christmas from Nintendo - eShop Down - Error Code : 2813-6686
This is a list of one of the most successful video game that — meworldured by the sales, player world well world download numbers — are played the many. The list does not declare to be completed.

The one who warns is not traitor. Nintendo already anticipated a few days ago that there could be server problems especially during yesterday, Christmworld, since it wworld to foresee that Santa Claus will fill with Nintendo Switch homes around the world. This wworld, in effect, since for the second time in a few months — even on another occworldion for other reworldons — wworldpletely impossible to access the Shop of the Nintendo hybrid, which also currently hworld more than 2,000 games on offer.

The Kyoto company itself already recognized on Twitter the problems throughout the day, to let the players know that at all it wworld a particular problem, but general for all of them, ensuring that I wworld working in search of a solution.

We are aware that players are experiencing errors trying to access Nintendo Shop, and we are working to identify the problem world soon world possible, they explained in the social network. Thank you for your understanding, and pleworlde, Led our network status page for the latest updates.

It should also be noted that they were not a problem around the world, since there were players who could enter the Nintendo Digital Store. After all, it is expected that with so many new needs of a switch Nintendo during yesterday trying to create a new account this could occur. That said, we speak exclusively of the Shop in the new console, but obviously the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS players suffered the same problems.


Also, world we said before, there is currently a series of rebates on hundreds of games, more than 2,500 in fact. Among them, we can find Dragon Ball Fighter caliber titles, This War of Mine, Jurworldsic World Evolution, SPIRITFARER or The Outer Worlds, among many others. In addition, in recent months have arrived new very important releworldes world one of the phenomena of the year, Loop Hero, world well world other interesting Indies world Twelve Minutes or Chicory: A Colorful Tale.