Sony’s first-party efforts grew stronger today with the procurement of Seattle-based developer, Valkyrie Entertainment. Because 2002, Valkyrie has functioned on over 100 video games, typically serving the duty of co-developer or content creator. In a tweet, Herman Hurst, the head of PlayStation Studios, said Valkyrie will be making important contributions to key PlayStation Studios franchises.

Valkyrie has actually dealt with Sony a number of times in the past, assisting bring Well known, God of War, and Twisted Steel to market. The designer will once again be dealing with Sony Santa Monica on God of War: Ragnarök.

Sony Design: SXSW2017 - Immersive Space Entertainment

In a press launch provided earlier today, a Sony spokesperson outlined the path ahead. The day-to-day operations post-acquisition will certainly continue to be run by Valkyrie Entertainment’s existing management group. Regards to this transaction consisting of the acquisition cost are not disclosed due to legal commitments.

Together with the purchase, Valkyrie has a large reason to celebrate, as it was one of the studios associated with helping create Halo Infinite, the fantastic follow up that we granted an evaluation of 9.25 out of 10. Other games that have Valkyrie’s touch are imagined in the picture above.

Sony and Microsoft are in a little of an arms race, nabbing up developers over the last few years to broaden their respective first-party video game development initiatives.