Both the factory of domination and Schloss Natalia will hardly go into the history of the best RAIDS of WOW. On the other hand, they were not very bad either, and the players were able to entertain a long time. Now most of the heroes are already looking forward to the mausoleum of the first — the final raid of the shadow lands, where we will not only take it with Indoor, but finally also with the Chairman.

While the bosses of the new RAID have been known for some time, the optics were only fragmented from the developer video. In the meantime, the PTR servers of Patch 9.2 have been online for a while and of course players have opened up in the new battles — although this is officially not yet accessible.

Mausoleum of the first — the new RAID in the video

A video of YouTuber Last came out by examining almost all corners and angle of the new Raids — including some already existing Trash mobs and bosses.

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The optics reminds of a mixture of Earth Morris and some Raids from the past — for example, Under or the temple of AHN’Iraq. No wonder actually, because in Earth Morris, where the mausoleum is the first building, our world, as we know, was created.

Sylvanas Windrunner Raid Guide - Normal/Heroic Sanctum of Domination Boss Guide
How do you like the first impression of the mausoleum of the first? Is there a great raid on us or are you rather disappointed at the sight of the raid?


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