After a strong delay, Halo Infinite is almost here. Undoubtedly, the campaign for a single player could be the most attractive thing that this game has to offer for some, and if you are one of them, then maybe you will be disappointed that it will not be possible to repeat missions in history.

In statements for Polygon, a representative of Microsoft confirmed the following:

Halo Infinite's Lack of Content is Becoming an Issue

The PostGame gives you the option to continue exploring this world, but for missions, like the first two, where you still do not get to the ring, you can not repeat it from that same Save File. You can get any collectible object that is needed, but the main missions of history can not be repeated.

That is, all the collectible objects that you have not grabbed during your first game, you can find them still after having finished the story. But if you want to repeat some of the most epic moments of the Single-Player campaign, you will not have another option more than starting a new save file.

Halo Infinite It will be available on December 8 for consoles Xbox and PC. If you want to know how your campaign is for a single player, then we recommend you take a look at our written review.

Editor’s note: It is a bit disappointing to know that there will be no new game plus or something like that, however, we have seen in the past that with sufficient demand from the community, its developers would be willing to implement it with a new patch or something like that. We’ll see if that also happens in infinite.