Animal Crossing (どうぶつの 森, Debuts No More) is a series of life simulation video clip games developed by Nintendo EAD in which the player relocates right into a village populated by humanlike animals.
From the initial episode, Animal Crossing, launched in Japan in 2001 on Nintendo 64, then on Game cube in America and Europe between 2002 and also 2004, up until the last, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, launched on Change in 2020, five games make component of the collection, plus several derivative games.
The collection is visible for its Sandbox video gaming system (without certain goal as well as using the interest and imagination of the player) as well as for its substantial usage of the clock as well as the console calendar that imitate a training course running Genuine, which changes the content of the game according to the time, the day of the week as well as the day to which the player plays.
The collection is both a crucial and industrial success, the initial 4 episodes build up 23.71 million duplicates sold worldwide,. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, at the same time, reached 31.18 million video games sold on April 8, 2021.

Trigger warning : In this story, it is about death and loss.

For many of us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the time of Corona-Lockdown more than just a game. It was about the community experience and almost a substitute for real encounters. We were able to visit each other on our islands when a meeting in reality was impossible. A fan has now shared a heartbreaking story in which it’s about a meeting that was actually even more impossible, but thanks to the slumber function just took place. We tell you everything about this very special story.

A very special visit

It’s about it: If you are not familiar with the dormant in Animal Crossing: With this feature, we can visit the islands of other persons since a large update mid 2020, even if they are not online. For this a slumber address is necessary. These can be controlled in Serenade’s selection menu.

If we decide, an image of our island will be created. This dream island looks like the creation time and our friends can visit you, even if we are not online and even interacted there with our game character without having to do something.

Fan visits dream island died girlfriend: On Reddit an Animal Crossing fan has shared a heartbreaking, but beautiful story. MajesticSamm reports:

My best friend died in May, but thanks to her sister who created a slumber address [for her], I met her this morning.

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Community reacted touched

Other fans express their condolences under the post, explain that they had to repress a sake, but also enjoy that MajesticSamm was allowed to do this experience. TranscendetAlexP explains:

My arm’s heart was not ready for the bedtime. I’m sorry for your loss 🙁

Me too. First thing this morning and I are hole with my coffee. This picture is so sweet and sad. I am so sorry :(.

Thereliceternal notes that fans of other games had similar experiences:

This reminds me of how the racing game Fora Horizon I opponent sends the names from your friends list to the races. Many people happened that the game has used their deceased friends in the game and that is always a special moment.

Then, Erratic Normal shares its own history and reports how the deceased husband went against the brother. These stories are sad and beautiful at the same time and document a whole new way of commemorating beloved people.