Dying Light 2 Stay Human is one of the great titles for 2022, the new Tech land game for its successful zombies franchise, has promised to improve the formula of the video game of acrobatics and first-person fighting. The new Gameplay takes place on a mission located in the first third of history, where Aiden, the protagonist, will have to collect information about the lost sister of him of him.

We are shown a mission where Aiden collects information about her lost sister We will leave Old Violator to enter Central Loop, a completely different scenario, just as the Dying Light 2 Stay Human team explains, while Villager has A structure of older and older buildings, Central Loop is a place full of skyscraper, where the use of paragliding is ideal.

DYING LIGHT 2 - New Gameplay (Combat, Parkour & More!)

Aiden moves between skyscrapers using the parapet of him on the mission presented in the video, we are shown by functioning the relationships in the city and the dynamics between characters. We will begin having to help Lawn, the character played by actress Rosario Dawson, to which we already met in previous episodes of Dying 2 Know. The mission will take us to have to relate to many other characters in our tireless search.

In this new Gameplay, we see in more depth some of the playable dynamics that will serve us for to move through the vertical scenarios of the Zombie survival game, although there is also a place for its intense fighting. If you want to know more about the game, remember that in 3D games, we have already played it and you have available our impressions about your post-apocalyptic parkour.