After the announcement that Dying Light 2 had become gold earlier this week, the Developer and Editor Tech land has now revealed approximately 15 minutes of new 2022 sequel play images. This footage is one of the most extensive looks A DYING LIGHT 2 that we have seen during the course of 2021 and highlights the game characters, the game mechanics and the world that will be passable.

This new game of Dying Light 2 was specifically displayed during the game in progress «Dying 2 Known» of the game, which Tech land has been running throughout this year. Specifically, the last video of the game highlights a single mission known as a place to call home. Instead of showing the full search in a serum format, the video jumps to the key points of the mission to highlight several features that will be seen in dying light 2.

Perhaps the most notable part of this search comes with the share of the character of the actress Rosario Dawson, who is known as Lawn. It was confirmed that Dawson was involved with dying light 2 a couple of months ago, but this week’s new video is one of the few times we have seen it appear in the game.

In general, we do not have much more to wait until Dying Light 2 is out. The title will arrive at stores on February 4, 2022, and will be launched for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

You can also check a description of Dying Light 2 below if you want more information about the game. In addition, the game of the game mentioned above is attached above.

More than twenty years ago in Harlan, we fight against the virus, and we lost. Now, we lose again. The city, one of the last major human settlements, is devastated by the conflict. Civilization has fallen back into the Middle Ages. And yet, we still have hope. You are a vagabond with the power to change the destiny of the city. But your exceptional skills have a price. Obsessed by memories that you can not decipher, you propose to learn the truth… and you are in a combat area. Perfect your skills, since to defeat your enemies and do allies, you will need fists and ingenuity. Reveal the dark secrets behind the possessors of power, choose Band and decide your destiny. But wherever you take your actions, there is one thing you can never forget: Stay human.