On November 17, 2021, she started, the first season of the championship of WoW Classic. With in the luggage: World-buff ban for the RAID instances and crisper Raid bosses, which have gotten significantly more lifestyles and new mechanics from the Blizzard developers. And in fact, these measures showed effect: unlike still in WoW Classic, there was no World First Kill of Ragnarok at the end of the first ID.

EU guild masters Molten Core

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In fact, only now an alliance guild from the EU server Dreadnought could master the feat and clean the new version of the molten core for the first time. Congratulations to the Guild W H o! The RAID setup fell similarly close-up as well as in WoW Classic — only by much more magicians, hunters and healers supplemented: 10 x warrior, 4 x rogue, 6 x hunters, 7 x magician, 2 x witch champions, 1 x Heil-Druide, 4 x Holy Palatine, 6 x Holy Priests.

Noteworthy is how much damage the hunters do in the long struggles — the top 3 (over all bosses away) consists of Waidmänner. One reason for this: The crossbowmen Blugschucher, which can earn the hunters in the season of the championship already in phase 1 over the glacial. In Wow (Buy Now €14.99) Classic was the weapon only clearly available later. Even magicians and partly witch champions are very good, depending on the boss.

Here you can watch the entire RUN:

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Especially nerve-wracking was the fight against Ragnarok. When defeated in the lava disappeared, hardly a character was alive. Accordingly, the streamer commented on the events.

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