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Tomb Raider Reboot Trilogy is free on Epic Games Store until January 6th

The Tomb Raider restart trilogy is the latest gift on Epic Games Store. The pack will be available for download at no extra charge until January 6th. The titles presented in this trilogy are the restart of Tomb Raider in 2013, following 2016 Rise of the Tomb Raider and the 2019 follow-up Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Although it’s a very good news for fans, it was not entirely a surprise. A few days ago, data miners revealed that some Tomb Raider titles were offered for free on December 30. Epic Games has confirmed all rumors when they presented the trilogy as the free game today on their digital shop.

To access the bundle, players will have to download the EPIC Games Store launcher on their PC. After creating their account, they can start adding free games to their library.

Although the fans have already seen Lara Croft on the big screen, the franchise is actually exited for the first time in the world of video game. The first game of the trilogy focuses more on survival with the exploration of the open world. It has a history of action that allows players to unlock some improvements for their skills and equipment.

The 'Tomb Raider' reboot trilogy is free on the Epic Games Store
The second game has a solid foundation for RPG upgrades, open world exploration and the third person’s fight. Basically, this seems to be a greater and better version of the first restart formula. The continuation of 2016 also has an interesting narrative because it shows that Lara turns into hero trying so hard to save the situation in the midst of his own personal demons.

The last title of the trilogy was a product of Lidos Montreal, and not Crystal Dynamics as the first two. Despite the fact that another studio has done, he followed the same formula established in his predecessors. It did not necessarily cause the franchise in a bad direction. However, many fans complained that it seemed a bit awkward and old compared to the first two installments.

Do you receive the package? Let us know in the comments below.

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Towards a merger of Western servers

Can Kakao Games Save ArcheAge & ArcheAge Unchained?
At the end of October, AKA GAMES officially launched the Western version of LYON and as often on the occasion of the launch of a new MMORPG, the servers were abused because of the players’ influx. A few days after the exit, Aka Games was forced to deactivate the RVR on the most populous servers and new servers were open — a second North American server and two additional European servers in addition to the one available at the exit.

As often, once the first days’ euphoria, players are normalizing, the servers are emptied and the operator is considering military mergers to bring together all players. LYON does not escape the rule — This is all the more true here that the MMORPG has come out in the shadow of New World and has not quite encountered the expected popular success. Aka Games is therefore preparing to merge the MMORPG servers to keep only a European server (ANDROMEDA) and a North American server (Cassiopeia).

In a note published on the official website, the operator states wanting to take the time to do things properly. In other words, the merger will only be operated in mid-February and by then, the studio stands for the preparations: with the deployment of the next January 5, it will no longer be possible to create from New characters on the servers that will disappear (the North American Eridanus server and the Sagittarius and Perseus European servers). Players already having characters on these servers will obviously continue to play and if some players want to find nearby, so it will be necessary to create a character before the 5th of January. Also note that the players of the waiters who will disappear will receive some bonus objects, in compensation of the inconvenience.

Horizon Forbidden West teaches a spectacular combat with the robotic snake

Slitting (something like sliding Colville ). That is the name of the fearsome robotic snake that we have been able to see in the latest Horizon Forbidden West trailers and that, now, thanks to an article of Game Report, we can already know in depth. The developer of the game, Guerrilla Games, hlatest Horizon shared through this publication a new video of this powerful enemy to which they define latest Horizon one of the most impressive machines of the entire game.

Horizon Forbidden West | New Robotic Snake Gameplay | Game Awards 2021
Your attacks and weaknesses

This robotic snake is a mixture of rattle and charges and will be one of the fearsome final bosses to which you will have to face Ally during the adventure. And yes, it is latest Horizon lethal latest Horizon its latest Horizonpect insinuates. First, Slithering can trigger pressurized acid bursts that are generated in the tank located at the blatest Horizone of the throat of it. A tank that, latest Horizon you will have guessed, will have to neutralize latest Horizon soon latest Horizon possible with our arrows.

But the acid is not the only weapon he hlatest Horizon, who also launches electric rays by the tail, always preceded by that characteristic rattle noise of the rattlesnakes. Now, if he manages to separate the tail from the rest body, Ally can use it latest Horizon a weapon and give to try Slithering of his own medicine. You may think that then the battle is already won, but much less. The boss will then pull some sonic pulses that leave the neck of him and deafen our protagonist, which slows down her movements and prevents him from attacking for a few seconds, leaving it totally exposed.

latest Horizon if that were not enough, to all this we should add the centers of the fangs of him, the gaps of his tail and the agility of our rival. The serpent will not stop moving on stage, rolling here and there in search of an advantageous position from which to jump over us. Its speed and adaptability will not be able to hide and that we should be in continuous movement. It is a matter of being patient, to disqualify her attacks at a distance and use firearms, ice and pllatest Horizonma to then tear it down and give him the definitive blow.

When can we fight us?

The next February 18, 2022, date on which Horizon Forbidden West leaves for sale for PS4 and PS5. Is called to be one of Sony’s great launches for the year that enters and latest Horizonpires to overcome the Varies (a 9.2 in the Meditation analysis) that received the original, Horizon Zero Dawn (which, by the way, You have on the PS Store with a special Christmlatest Horizon price). In addition to the combat with Slitting, in recent days we have known more information about the game, latest Horizon its new shelter system, for example, or the space that will occupy in our console and its appearance in PS4, of authentic luxury despite the obvious advantages of the new generation.

The Eshop of Nintendo Switch suffers errors on his servers during Christmworld

Merry Christmas from Nintendo - eShop Down - Error Code : 2813-6686
This is a list of one of the most successful video game that — meworldured by the sales, player world well world download numbers — are played the many. The list does not declare to be completed.

The one who warns is not traitor. Nintendo already anticipated a few days ago that there could be server problems especially during yesterday, Christmworld, since it wworld to foresee that Santa Claus will fill with Nintendo Switch homes around the world. This wworld, in effect, since for the second time in a few months — even on another occworldion for other reworldons — wworldpletely impossible to access the Shop of the Nintendo hybrid, which also currently hworld more than 2,000 games on offer.

The Kyoto company itself already recognized on Twitter the problems throughout the day, to let the players know that at all it wworld a particular problem, but general for all of them, ensuring that I wworld working in search of a solution.

We are aware that players are experiencing errors trying to access Nintendo Shop, and we are working to identify the problem world soon world possible, they explained in the social network. Thank you for your understanding, and pleworlde, Led our network status page for the latest updates.

It should also be noted that they were not a problem around the world, since there were players who could enter the Nintendo Digital Store. After all, it is expected that with so many new needs of a switch Nintendo during yesterday trying to create a new account this could occur. That said, we speak exclusively of the Shop in the new console, but obviously the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS players suffered the same problems.


Also, world we said before, there is currently a series of rebates on hundreds of games, more than 2,500 in fact. Among them, we can find Dragon Ball Fighter caliber titles, This War of Mine, Jurworldsic World Evolution, SPIRITFARER or The Outer Worlds, among many others. In addition, in recent months have arrived new very important releworldes world one of the phenomena of the year, Loop Hero, world well world other interesting Indies world Twelve Minutes or Chicory: A Colorful Tale.

Factory construction game Satisfaction Sales number 3 million broke through 2022 updates also smell

Zynga (enunciation in English: zɪŋˌgə) is a business that develops on the internet social video clip games, based on Internet 2.0 systems, located in San Francisco, California, United States. It was established in July 2007. The firm creates games comparable to web browsers autonomously and presents them as widget applications on social networks such as Facebook or MySpace.

Developer Coffee Stain Studios announced that the number of sells of the factory construction game Satisfaction has topped 3 million copies. Coffee Stain Studios publishes videos entitled Happy Holidays & Than You-Summary of Satisfaction IN 2021 on December 24, 2021, and Community Manager’s South Trenton is talking about Satisfaction. In a video of about 3 minutes, he announced that 3 million were reached, and thanks to the user. He also says that next year will send more videos and real conditions, and talked with the reaction of the secret story may have updates. Satisfaction has announced that it has exceeded 1.3 million sells in July 2020, and sells 17 million in the past year and 5 months.

Nier Creator affirms that the series is finished

Yoko Taro, the beloved Creator behind the Near franchise and his many deliveries, has now affirmed that the series has come to an end. It started for the first time in 2010, the original near paved the way for a sequel in 2017 known as near: automatons, which happened to have a commercial success and of widespread criticism. Following the achievement of automata, Taro then returned to the beginning and launched a new Remaster known as amplifying of Near in early 2021. Now, instead of continuing with a completely new delivery, Taro has mocked that he is putting Near in the bed.

In a new video released on social networks, Taro and the fellow producer of him Yoke Saith and the composer Each Okay gave an update on what fans can expect from Near in the future. However, instead of announcing a new game, Taro revealed that The Near series is already finished! That was a bit surprising. However, despite this affirmation, Taro said he would return to the series if he got a lot of money. In response, Saith said jokingly that he would begin to work immediately to accumulate that great sum of money for Taro.

At this time, it seems that Taro is simply doing the fool, which means that Near could return to the future. While this message was presented as one of seriousness, Taro delivered it with a good amount of humor to the fans, which will probably take many to assume that Near will return soon. On the other hand, as was said before, Taro has been working on this franchise since before 2010, which means that he might want to move forward and create something completely different at this time. It remains to be seen what this new project could be, but it is surely something we will follow as time passes.

‘Nier’ series creator jokes about the series being “finished”

How do you feel with the possibility that the TIER series comes to an end? And in what are you waiting for the creator Yoko Taro in the future? Let me know all the thoughts of it giving me a blow in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

FC Arsenal Mega Talent Charlie Patino is apparently observed by FC Barcelona

Especially only Arsenal-Jewel Latino starts with the Gunners, he wakes up desires: Barça should observe him.

Mega Talent Charlie Latino from FC Arsenal apparently awakens shortly after his professional debut already the interest of FC Barcelona. This reports the Spanish MARCH.

Inside Arsenal Dressing Room CELEBRATIONS | Eddie Nketiah, Nicolas Pepe, Charlie Patino

Accordingly, the Catalans are very pleased with the capabilities of the 18-year-old, which was set up on Wednesday for the first time in the League Cup for the Gunners and already scored a goal within his 14 playing minutes.

Charlie Latino: instead of Arsenal and England soon Barcelona and Spain?

The MARCH also suspects that the Spanish bandage will endeavor to Latino. The midfielder, so far as an Englishman listed, has a Spanish father and considers Anti Carla, CSC Areas and his current coach Mike Art eta probably as his role models.

Articles and videos about the topic
Barça star before contract extension
Liverpool game canceled at Boxing Day
Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

Latino is considered one of the biggest young talents in English football. Arsenal’s Chef scout Shaun O’Connor recently described the gem as best player, the Hale End [the youth academy of Arsenal, Note d. Red.] Has ever produced.

Noel awards victory shortly before finish line no DSV

This checklist includes films with gay material, be it a thorough individual in greater than a sustaining role or an equivalent experience.

Linus Starter looked a bit at a loss when he had worked after a few seconds again. The Munich ski rider has also remained in the second slalom World Cup of the season without points. The 29-year-old arrived in the first round of the night events of Madonna di Camilo on Wednesday after a patter in the upper section of the route. His teammates also missed the final.

The victory went to World Champion Sebastian FOSS Rolvaag from Norway. The Frenchman Clement Noel, who had won in Val d’Isère before one and a half weeks, headed as a final runner in the second passage clearly to a new best time — before he fell on the penultimate gate, slipped past the last goal and his clear best at the finish Into the rating. Second, the French total World Cup winner Alexis Pinault with 0.10 seconds residue, third of the Swede Kristopher Jacobsen (+0,11).

Street Classic driving error

Globe Soccer Awards 2021 | Countdown
That was very unhappy, said Wolfgang Maier, Alpine Director of the DSV, with a view of Stress. Already in Val d’Isère, the largest slalom hope among the German gentlemen did not qualify for the second run — at that time weakened by a gastrointestinal infection. This time Stressed stopped a classic driving error, says Maier. After the first two races without something there is no athlete simple. But the Linus is tough. He already had several on and down, said the alpine chef.

In Makers words, therefore, stressed that Stress can move further forward at the first goal run after the turn of the year on January 6 in Zagreb. Last winter, he was completely surprising in Croatia to victory.

No points for Germans

Maier was already as disappointing in Madonna di Camilo. Fabian Himmelsbach, Julian Smoke Foot and Anton Trammel occupied the seats 34, 36 and 48. David Letterer right away — just like the two highly traded Austrian Marco Schwarz and Manuel Feller.

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The Gunk the next game of Image Form Games shows its gameplay in a new trailer

The First 15 Minutes of The Gunk
A few days after its launch and arrival at Xbox Game Pass, The Gunk, the new game of Image & Form has shown its gameplay in new progress. Unlike the trailer shown in the framework of the last Games com, this video lets us see the first 15 minutes of the game and presents us to its protagonists, two spatial transporters who must fight for their survival. The science fiction title, which is focused on exploration and resource management, will let us face their premise with freedom and, as we can see in the video, choose whether we fight or not and what kind of interactions we maintain with the environment.

In The Gunk we have Ran, part of our spatial transport duo, who struggles to earn the bread when she meets with a virgin planet that overflows life, we read in the official description. «Ran and your comp have come in search of valuable resources, and it seems that you have touched the fat prize… as long as you discover the latent secrets of a broken civilization, you should fight against a toxic parasite, the Gunk, in addition to facing a distrust that does not It makes more to grow ». The Gunk invites us to recover the nature of a strange alien planet and discover all the secrets of his ecosystem. From Image & Form they emphasize that their narrative will be driven by the list of the protagonists, making space in action for an intimate history.

The Gunk will be the 3D debut of Image & Form, the Swedish study responsible for Saga Steam world. Available as of December 16 on PC and Xbox ecosystem, you can enjoy departure with the subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

The Gunk will arrive on December 16 to PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Fortnite The 4 best weapons in Chapter 3 Season 1 worthwhile for you

Since Chapter 3 Infinite has been published, many players had time to test the new weapons extensively. Therefore, we show you the four best weapons in the new chapter that you absolutely use.

Where are the weapon info? The information about the values ​​of the weapons relate to the existing values ​​that can be read out in the inventory from the weapon menu. As a result, we have entered into a self-created Map and compiled all weapons values ​​in creative mode.

In this top list, I will collect you all about it and additionally let my own experience be included to show you which weapons would certainly bring you an epic victory.

About the author: I am hot Christos, I am a freelance author at Mango and strengthen in the areas of Fortnite and Destiny. After now, more than 2,000 game hours and numerous Seasons in Fortnite, which I actively lived through, I can do a well-founded judgment on what a weapon arrives in Fortnite and which weapons are most likely to assert this season.

These are the best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

In the weapons in Fortnite, it usually depends on good handling and high damage. Since every second in a fight that could mean that the special function of the respective weapon is not ignored. Currently, the following weapons pierce:

MK-7 assault rifle
Automatic shotgun
Stitches Machine Gun
Repeater hunting rifle

MK-7 assault rifle

What makes the weapon strong? The new assault rifle can not only shine due to outstanding range and stability, but also impresses with a new feature: First-person mode during destination. You can use this weapon optimally for all reaches and even impresses MP players through your high fire rate.

Important information about the weapon:

Damage: amounts to 21 – 25 (depending on value)
Rail orate: takes 3.4 – 2.8 seconds (depending on value)
Magazine screed: 35 balls

Fortnite Chapter 3 Bosses, Mythic Weapons Location Guide (Boss Foundation)

Where do you find them? Every rarity can happen to be found on the whole map. However, you are looking for the mythical variant, goes to Sanctuary and fights the foundation. This leaves a strong specimen when detecting.


High fire rate
Can good points on all distances
Very precision accurate by controllable recoil
Has a first-person mode in the sights


Long post-loading rate
Is forced to see the target when targeting

Automatic shotgun

What makes the weapon strong? The new pump fired fast shots and can also keep up with further distances in the fight. Through your fast fire rate you have to clear with a slower post-loader rate. However, this can be neglected because you charge two sleeves per recharged ball.

Important information about the weapon:

Damage: amounts to 75.6 – 92.4 (depending on value)
Rail orate: takes 8.8 – 7.2 seconds (depending on value)
Magazine screed: 8 balls

Where to find them: everywhere on the map, in chests, on the floor and at machines


Fires fast cartridges in a row
Loads two balls
has high damage as fully automatic shotgun
High range


Relatively slow post-loading rate

Stitches Machine Gun

What makes the weapon especially? With the range that owns this MP, you can even keep up with a storm rifle. As the name suggests, its rapid fire rate ensures a stitch through each cover and with its relatively large magazine you are not so fast from the puffs.

Important information about the weapon:

Damage: amounts to 18 – 22 (depending on value)
Rail orate: takes 2.7 – 2.2 seconds (depending on value)
Magazine screed: 30 balls

Where to find them: everywhere on the map, in chests, on the floor and at machines


Covers short and medium distance
Big magazine
Breaks through faster coverings


Slow reload
fires slower than the standard MP

Repeater hunting rifle

What makes the weapon especially? The hunting rifle will fire you three shots and that with devastating damage. Furthermore, it has an outstanding range and forgives through its great magazine also failing.

Important information about the weapon:

Damage: amounts to 81.0 – 99.0 (depending on value)
Catcher rate: takes 3.7 – 3.0 seconds (depending on value)
Magazine screeds: 3 balls

Where to find them: everywhere on the map, in chests, on the floor and at machines


Fast post-loading rate for a sniper
High damage for target accuracy
Great magazine — missing shots can be warped


Doughtier recoil
Long wait until the next shot can be fired
Jerky when targeting after firing

Fortnite has a lot more to offer good weapons, but these 4 are likely to act around the best creak in Chapter 3, which will certainly bring you an epic victory. Furthermore, perfect firefly grenades can be used in the inventory, so that your opponents flare the cover.

Note: This list is a compilation of the weapons, which are declared by me and many others as the currently best — but that does not necessarily apply to you. As always, the end of the personal taste, individual preferences and also simply on whether you can realize with the respective weapon or not.

Just because many find them well or the values ​​are top, it does not automatically mean that you will make sure that they are strongly performing for you.

If you have other weapons in the eye that are not listed here, you can tell us in the comments thereof.

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