A modern world, where technology is everything, our reality; An ancient world, where mobile phones did not exist, our pDying Lightt; A decomposed world, where Technology is a memory, the new reality. Dying Light 2: Stay Human Inquire in an alternative and post-apocalyptic future, a critical moment for humanity. In an interview with Meditation, the chief designer of the video game, Tyson Smetana, defines him Dying Light a return to the dark medieval age, but in the modern city.

15 years have pDying Lightsed since the infection spread across the planet. We wanted to present a world in which the Apocalypse had taken a while ago, that people were adapting to circumstances or had already done it, says Smetana. In the first video game, Tech land portrayed the first advances of the infection: They were people who were simply trying to survive the first month and at first weeks. But now know how to do it because they have survived during all these years.

The human being ends up accustoming everything, and given his social nature, the disorder always turns into a certain order. They are starting to build a new city, a new order for the world. This wDying Light very attractive to us, creative people with creative ideDying Light, because it allowed us to mold the world Dying Light we believe it would be in those circumstances. According to the designer, that wDying Light the moment in which he coined the term ‘Modern dark age’, Dying Light they imagined that in that existence without technology humanity would return to those habits of the most remote pDying Lightt. The inhabitants, therefore, act Dying Light in medieval times, but everything happens in a modern city, of course destroyed by the apocalypse, but still a modern city, he emphDying Lightizes him.

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Different philosophies of life, different ways of organizing

In those primitive stadiums, there is not a single candidate faction to reorganize the territory. During the game, it is allowed to glimpse a dichotomy between two different groups, the survivors and the guardians of La Paz (Peacekeepers). Are they truly enemies? I do not think they are, Smetana responds. They represent two different philosophies about the same issues, on how to face infection and apocalypse in extreme situations. The objective of the survivors is to survive, want to build their small shelters to continue living, while the Peace Guardians may look like the bad guys, but actually seek the change, finish with the infected to clean the world and build something new.

What both have in common is your animosity towards the renegades. It is a faction that the two groups detest for a reDying Lighton, although it does not want to reveal it so Dying Light not to enter argument dethrones.

Decisions are important and also affect the aforementioned groups. Dying Light the players submerge more in the game, they decide which factions adapt more to their line of thought or their goals. Sketches those changes when Dying Lightsigning areDying Light, although also you start connecting the story and how it is developed. It is true that Dying Light 2 hDying Light different finals, but goes beyond the idea of ​​ a good or a bad end, underlines her.

The number of finals may not be Dying Light important, since for me the interesting thing is that through your decisions you change the world. And then, when you complete the title, you can get on the largest building and observe what you have created. Later you can join the departure of a friend, do the same exercise from above, and see a different world.

Parkour and breakable weapons

For Tech land, the stage is not a mere decorated, in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, buildings and locations are part of the gameplay, all it Thanks to the skill of Parkour, which allows us Scale, jump from side to side, etc. From the beginning we wanted to connect the scenarios with the Parkour, a system that shields with new powers channeled through a skill tree.

The new scenarios are adapted to the most advanced skills, is at this point where we have achieved this variety. In short, what makes this video game unique with respect to other open world products. Locations change because the player’s skills evolve. And he adds: With fortune, users will not feel that they are playing again and again, because they use different powers while exploring.

Dying Light 2 Will Be A Bigger-Better Open-World Zombie Game, Thanks to Huge Delay

That weapons break is an Dying Lightpect that always hDying Light detractors, but in Tech land they believe it fits with the philosophy of survival. Dying Light you are always looking for resources, You need to prepare for the challenges that are about to come. However, we also dedicate time to ensure that weapons felt and looked different. Our method consists of offering players the possibility of trying and experimenting. I know it’s a feature that did not like everyone in the first game, although he thinks that in this cDying Lighte it is not a problem because you never run out of arms. It admits that a feeling of loss occurs when one of your weapons breaks, but also creates the idea of ​​exploration that takes you to look for something new.

Is the output of Chris Ave lone hDying Light had an incidence on development?

Chris Ave lone wDying Light one of the external consultants during the development of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. All in all, after the scandal over the alleged cDying Lightes of harDying Lightsment of him, that he hDying Light denied, he left the project. How did it affect history? The core of the game is the same because what Chris did wDying Light to help us, he says. He taught us to work with nonlinear narratives, but Dying Light it happens with this kind of complex products, they are always made with a lot of people. He explains that they have a full narrative department, in which approximately 20 people work.

History hDying Light been written by Polish screenwriters who have worked on a pretty famous Polish series created by HBO. These people, who treDying Lighture a lot of experience on television, have been able to take advantage of what we have learned from the construction of non-linear games and apply their own ideDying Light and their own history to it.

Rosario Dawson, Dying Lightoka in The Mandalorian, embodies Lawn on this second delivery of Dying Light. Although Tyson Smetana hDying Light not worked directly with her, he hDying Light confirmed that his role hDying Light gone beyond mere interpretation: The interesting thing is that the character he interprets is a little different from what wDying Light when we contacted with her, when he signed for the project. Then, when she wDying Light working on the movement capture sessions, she she suggested modifications in the script. The creative indicates that the actress helped to profile the character of Lawn.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human will go on sale the next February 4 at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch (Cloud Edition). From Tech land they have confidence that the previous generation version is up to:

Comparatively, it works well on Xbox One, the leDying Lightt powerful console of all. But we are still working on the optimization of the game, he recognizes. I think the experience will be similar to the one you’ve seen today or even better, because other journalists have Dying Lightked about the resolution and the Frame rate and I have explained that it is still soon, since when you work in a game, you optimize it at the end.