The Danbury Ice Field is a multi-purpose field in Danbury, Connecticut, that can seat about 3,000. It was constructed in 1999 with restoration as well as growth in 2004.
The Danbury Field was the house of the Danbury Thrashers of the United Hockey League from 2004 to 2006, as well as the New England Stars of the North Eastern Hockey League in 2006– 07. In 2008, the Danbury Mad Hatters of the Eastern Professional Hockey League authorized a lease with the arena and played one season before the league folded up.
On December 27, 2009, the recently formed Federal Hockey League (OHL) revealed that the Danbury Field would certainly be residence to the Danbury Whalers. On April 3, 2015, the Danbury Ice Arena did not intend to renew their agreement with the Danbury Whalers and also provided a notification to kick out by April 17, leaving the last continuing to be team from the inaugural OHL period homeless. After at first introducing the State line Whalers to begin playing in close-by Brewster, New York city, the Whalers company was liquified, and also a new team began the Danbury Titans in the OHL to play the 2015– 16 period. The Titans also discontinued procedures in 2017.
In 2019, the Hall household, that had actually had the arena for 18 years, marketed the field to Ruby Residence. The brand-new management, with Her Scorcher from the previous OHL companies acting as managing director, generated three new tenants for the 2019– 20 season: the Connecticut Whale of the Premier Hockey Federation, the Danbury Colonials of the junior North American 3 Hockey League, and also another OHL (considering that rebranded as Federal Potential customer Hockey League) group in the Danbury Hat Tricks.

New audience restrictions in Bavaria are as good as decided thing. Thus, especially on many clubs from the German Hockey League (DEL) and the Bundesliga (BBL) basketball (BBL) again becomes economic problems.

It goes to the money again, and above all the current swiveling descent. Thats why Wolfgang Gartner wants a turnaround of the Nuremberg Ice Tigers. Without an imminent descent, we would have security and not only we, all clubs, said the Managing Director of the representative from the German Ice Hockey League (DEL). But the hope for a suspension of the rule will be smashed.

We have a valid contract with the DEL2. And one can not change a contract one-sided, said Del-Boss Ger not Trips in SID conversation. Even if the topic Roastable with the clubs will be discussed. According to the current state, there will be a BBLy relegation for the first time for 15 years. From 15 teams must be at least one down, possibly even two.

The reason for the advance is the measures for BBL in Bavaria announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) because of the high infection numbers. These are to be decided on Tuesday in the state parliament and see a utilization of halls and stadiums of a maximum of 25 percent.

Gartner, for whose club the upcoming audience restrictions are economically as for all Bavarian competitors, has a lot of understanding for the step. In these numbers, in these hospitalization incidences, there is no choice, Gamer said Nordbayern.DE: Politics had to act.

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For triples, it is of course a setback, due to the restrictions that again so small capacities in which one must be considered, whether one at all is attracted. The costs and the effort, not least for the controls are in relation to the few spectators immense.

BBL-BOSS: We do not live on an island

Five Bavarian clubs play in the DEL, in the basketball Bundesliga (BBL) are as many and the problems the same. If that is temporary now, then its just like that, said BBL Managing Director Stefan Wood: Its not a wish concert, we can not uncouple.

Of course, the provisions give it different conditions of competition for the clubs, such as wood, economically and of the mood. The term competition distortion is too dramatic in this context.

A suspension of the descent because of better financial playability is not discussed in the BBL leadership. The topic comes out of the box every time, Wood said, We want to leave the church in the village. He had no reason for such a step so far.

Even worse than the Bavarian clubs, it meets Saxons. Thus, because of the high corona numbers in the state since Monday no viewers were not allowed in BBLing events. Miners Chemnitz must definitely leave the next home game against casting on 11 December without fans.

Wood understands the hard step logically. We do not live on an island. The Labors had recently emphasized that ghost games are not negotiable. Now he has to live with it. It would be fatal if that would be nationwide again, Wood said. But last week, everything was already rising quickly. The numbers rise.