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On some WoW-Classic servers, the tare is currently starting. The reason: The first season of the championship is started and has numerous adjustments like harder Raid bosses, more quest experience or world-buff ban in luggage. At the six basic phases from WoW Classic, however, little has changed.

Okay, okay — the daily fracture dungeons are already available to you now, and you may also sign up for the battlefields to earn honor and to rise the PVP ranks. But to, for example, for the opening event of AHNIraq it will take some phases or months. Or not… ?!

Death through spontaneous A event

On Reddit, a player recently reported that he in WOW (Buy Now €14.99) Classic: Season of the Championship The victim of a spontaneous obey of A Event. He lured his character just through the fallow country, as if there were suddenly elite-Anubisath around him — as it also happens in the course of the opening events of AHNIraq. Unfortunately, the approaching Horde defender came too late. There was a free trip to the healer. After all: The affected person had not the path of iron made to reach hardcore on stage 60.

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Wow Classic Exploration Part 13 - Ahn'Qiraj
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After a few minutes, the fun was over by the way. The fighting fractions disappeared as soon as they had surfaced. The comments under the post are pure gold: look as if we finally found out what happened to Marks wife. Another player is reminiscent of a bug from the Would era as the A Goals unexpectedly closed, and Wow heroes could once again earn the Scarab title. So that something can no longer happen, the code around the A event should have been completely removed.

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