The Dane BO Venison is not a type that goes straight into the air. The verbal attacks of Cologne Co-coach Kevin McKenna brought the Mainz Chef coach in the way that he did not want to be small after graduation of the Football Bundesliga game on Sunday.

I can plug in a lot, which is compromised in the heat of the game, said Venison, but I do not tolerate myself with anyone who personally insults me in the halftime. There is a border crossed.

Trigger of the crash was a coarse foul of Stefan Bell, the right-back of PSV Mainz 05, to Cologne Forager Anthony Modest (41 minutes). The striker had to be replaced with a pelvic impeller. The whole bank of Cologne demanded red, I addressed him. That was the reason why it escalated, Venison said to the dispute at halftime.

It was really high again in the 60th minute after a collision between Mark Utah and 05 defense chief Alexander Hacks: Venison refused with a conciliation attempt of referee Deniz Akin the handshake with McKenna. Both heat heads were each warned with a yellow card.

Rampart wants to appease after playing

Cologne coach Steffen Rampart did not want to hang up the heavy dispute after the final whistle. It was an emotionally run game — also on the coach benches, he said pliers. Its over, and you should shut it down. He also asked McKenna, what had happened: He said he did not do anything.

FSV Mainz 05 vs FC Köln 1-1 | Highlights | Matchday 12 – Bundesliga 2021/22
Rampart, however, came to the view of the TV images from the Foul on Modest to another evaluation than his assistant. I have not intended to change him. I first thought of red first. The yellow card has been the right decision.

Trainers and players were able to see a Cologne Co-coachy game with many emotions with the dot division Good Life, as the Mainz of Cologne Co-coachs Management Christian Handel was. He did not bother him. It was a high dramatic game with a lot of swirls. Thats what people want, he said. We currently offer a lot of spectacles.

For almost 80 minutes, the guests from the cathedral town played much better. In the first half in the first half they had three great opportunities by Andrew Dada, but with 0: 1 by the sixth Bundesliga of Jonathan Burkhart (41st) in arrears. To be honest, I meet the ball with the heel, wants to shoot the in the long corner, and he goes into the short pure, Burkhart described his bullet. The degree has been more happy.

The deserved compensation scored after the resourceful Salish Can. We just do not do it, such games — and of them, there were last several times for us to bring about the finish line and not just to play draws, said Rampart after the fifth game in series without victory. Nevertheless, he is not quite dissatisfied: My boys make a good job.

Colleague Venison did not want to attest his professionals. We have missed what distinguishes us, he said, namely aggressive counterpressing and buggy strength. Ive seen my team playing better. Although the Mainz remained in the fourth game in a row without defeat, but would be climbed with a victory against Cologne on the fifth place.