After 97 minutes it was pure relief, the Xavi radiated when he shook Español coach Vicente Morenos hand. For euphoria had by no means triggered the mandatory submissions of the club icon. The favorite actually had Giant Duel that he was allowed to carry out the victory in the end. Español awarded up -qua raid and met the post alone twice.

In the initial formation Xavi had ordered two 17-year-olds, Stomach surprisingly gave his professional premiere in addition to vertical starter Gave. Just that Stomach had the first thick chance on his foot after 14 minutes, but hunted the ball over the box. As a result, the ball circulated the ball, possibilities remained in short supply. On the other hand, it almost ranged shortly before the break, but the diplomas shot felt by Piqué fell over the crossbar (44.).

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Shortly after the second change, Barça went through a foul foot in leadership, deport had accepted a slight contact thankfully. The penalty stroke of the Dutch and Bosch grabbed him shallow half-law in the gate (48.). Safety did not necessarily bring the game of the favorite. Instead, Español braced more and more against the defeat. And from minute 80, the impacts came closer around TER webs.

De Tomas meets aluminum twice

Memphis Depay delivers a Barcelona win in Xavi's debut | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Examples: De Tomas nailed a free-kick from Hal blinker position to the left post (81.). Three minutes later, the Camp Nou fell silent for second fractions because Joker fluctuated Wu Lei on the also substituted Data. The former Wolfsburg stood on the five-meter room completely blank, but headed the ball to the right on the door (84.). Stunned, the Belgian looked around, but it remained at the scarce guidance for the FCB. In the 86th minute, the next flank sailed from left to the sixteen, TER Steven stayed motionless at the header from De Tomas, but the ball clapped only on the left post.

As TER Steven in the sixth minute of the exam time a nearly positive, negligent ball acceptance of Mourinho among themselves, the trade fair was read in this Barcelona city of City. Xavis reaction to the final whistle was more than understandable. Through the fifth season win, Barça improved in rank six. Already on Tuesday (21 clocks, live! With pure relief), the challenge in the Champions League home game against Benefice is much larger.