It is not the first excursion of the Polish star-up door in the virtual area, in 2016, the Bayern professional had dared to try Lewandowski Football Star for iOS and Android. Football Coach: The Game is used as a project, however, more extensive and ambitious, Lewandowski and developer RL9Sport Games would like to order so far sparsely awarded ground.

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In the latest press release, it becomes unequivocally clear that Football Coach: The Game does not want to join the classic Football Manager of Sports Interactive in direct competition. The focus of the Lewandowski title is on the online multiplayer aspect: players from all over the world should be challenged at any time to a ranking match, even clan lots should play a big role.

Players against players, not against computer

Football connects the entire world. Thats why I want Football Coach: The Game based on a worldwide competition. Players against players, not players against computer, Lewandowski is quoted. The second important pillar is the RPG character of the upcoming offshoot, just the individual characterization of the respective coach the reality should be formed original.

Ive got to know many coaches and knows how different their personalities can be and how great their influence can be not only in the cabin, but throughout the club, says Lewandowski. Various coach classes are available, as well as earning experience points, the levels in the skill tree and collecting artifacts are in the foreground.

A hat full of formats and elements

Lewandowski and RL9Sport Games cars thus a balancing act, which in the Football scene still the few developers were able to implement all too successful — many elements should be brought under a hat. Because not only the sporting matters of the coach life are illuminated and mapped, even the private life or the interactions with the followers are planned as their place.

As a premise for any progress and drive, the voice of the community serves, RL9Sport Games wants to drive the production in line with the fans. We listen to the players. Some options like the development of the manager come from them. We are open to suggestions. We now want to start the community to form Football Coach: The Game, says CEO Rafael Cameraman.

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