Unfortunately, we had the intensity only in the second half, the Bielefeld had the whole game over. If you are 0: 2 after 60 minutes, you have to be really satisfied with a point, said Wolfsburgs Coach Florian Krefeld after the 2 : 2 at Armenia Bielefeld.

The wolves found nothing into the game at the East Westphalia for one hour and lay along with 0: 2 behind. In the first half we did not do what we agreed. The graduation was not good, we have played more next to each other and not in succession. We have lost too many two-fighting, thats exactly the game what you wanted to have, An attacker took out away from sky. We then played another system, which has done us well. We got back well — unfortunately it did not quite enough.

With the accepting of Jodi Lukebakio for Kevin Baby after an hour, Krefeld turned to four chains — and the fronted party. First, Whitehorse achieved compensation, a few seconds later Lukas Mecca shot 2: 2. The tactical changeover has not been frightened, the last half hour we had many opportunities, Mittelfeldmann Maximilian Arnold. And away, In the second half we have definitely played football. In the first half we often had little investment opportunities for the front, there it was difficult, then we made it better.

A point for morality

In the end, Wolfsburg could even win, but Stefan Ortega Moreno brought first-class at the header of Sebastian Barnaul. This speaks for the mentality, if you come back so. If you still see that we had the winning goal on my head. I think no one could have complained if we had the victory, Arnold summed up.

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In the fourth game under Krefeld, the Wolfs burger is not lost, there were three victories and just the draw in Bielefeld. We have much more self-confidence through the last three games, tell us, we always have to go on. We have done that today. With happiness, we still win. But the point is very important for morality, said Arnold.

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Continue for the Wolfs burger on Tuesday (21 clocks, live! At Kohfeldt) with the important Champions League game in Seville.