Very, very good and defended with a lot of will his protégés, summed up the Augsburg er coach after the match. He remembers his team to the good game against Stuttgart, said Easier towards DAZN. We got seven points from the last three home games and with the victory ten. We are very home at home, very self-confident, I just admitted that again. Of course, you have used happiness and skill, but the win is earned, you have played very well.

21/22 // Pressekonferenz nach #FCAFCB // FCA gewinnt gegen Bayern München

Switching to Differ Chain

Bavaria would have met in the face of 1: 2 residue — Mads Pedersen (23rd) and André Hahn (36th) in a counterplace by Robert Lewandowski (38th) after the break with quality, analyzed easier, and said So that the double resolving of Alphonso Davies and Jamal Musial ( a sensational footballer ). Thus, the opponent had been more game strength in the square, that weighed us, but with the resolving of Raphael Hamburger and the changeover to a Fünfernkette and the three before we have defended with a lot of readiness and not the wholly owned.

I am 34 and have made my dream: we beat Bavaria at home.

Rafael Gikiewicz

Of course, it was important to survive the initial phase, so easier. Thus, the 46-year-old was an opinion with Keeper Rafael Gikiewicz, who both was pleased to have finally cashed in the first 15 minutes no goal and to have beaten a seemingly overpowering opponent a snippet: I am 34 and have My dream managed: We beat Bavaria at home. We went without end.

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Easier, who celebrated his third victory in the Bundesliga against the record champion, pulled a small intermediate fancies and then looked a bit in the future: We worked and developed a few months together. Today you really have a break-out! That makes him confident for the next few months.

The surprise victory could not be the FCA coach, who had been in the run-up to the game, no newspaper to read or see news, even to change his other approach: Maybe Ill read something tomorrow. Although one should not be influenced by victory and defeat in the fast-paced football business, but today is of course holiday.