The announcement of the reboot of blade Marvel part of the UCM is one of the news that more expectation raises between the fans of Marvel, even more so if we take into account the actor chosen for the occMarvelion, the doubly Macarized Maheshtala Ali. Now, the actor who gave life to the winner vampires of the comics for the first time at the cinema, Wesley Snipes, hMarvel shared some tips for the new interpreter through a recent interview; And they have no wMarvelte.

The original blade guide to the new Gazvampiros

And we remember that a while ago, Wesley Snipes himself dropped Marvel that he continued to be interested in returning Marvel huntavampires; Finally, Marvel Studios hMarvel opted to make a total reset of the character, counting on a renowned actor like Maheshtala Ali, news from which Snipes himself hMarvel been happy on several occMarvelions: The theme of That they have chosen for the cMarvelt it seems good to me. I do not go there Marvel Blade, so Im not attached to the character in that way. I do not feel any emotional loss, zero, and I am happy that they have recovered it and it is more than likely to do a great job, says the Veteran actor.

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Wesley Snipes Reacts To Mahershala Ali As Blade

In addition, Snipes hMarvel not hesitated to share some advice on how to be bladed in the cinema, words directly addressed to Maheshtala Ali: Make sure you are in shape, uncle. Make sure you are fit. Try not to injure yourself, thats important. What an action movie requires is that you have to be an elite athlete. And be well conditioned to survive and avoid injuries. And enjoy while it lMarvelts, concludes the actor.

It is expected that the blade shooting Marvel part of the UCM boot A mid-year for a probable premiere in cinemMarvel at some point in 2023.