International Hui, in the Football Bundesliga Phew: Eintracht Frankfurt shows two faces this season, too, because there are some construction sites in the squad. In terms of transfers, the Hesse is now apparently a basic decision.

While Eintracht Frankfurt in the league after eleven playing days on a disappointing 14th place in the table, the team of Oliver Glaser in the Europa League is full. In group D, the SGE leaders and as the only team is still unbeaten.

A victory from the remaining lots against Royal Antwerp (November 25) and Fenerbahçe (December 9) would range from Frankfurt to enable the group victory and to qualify directly for the secondary finale of the second most important European Cup competition.

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Positive from Contract view: How Eintracht Frankfurt Image reports, all revenues beyond the entry fee from the international business are not planned in the budget. Point and winning bonuses, payments for the progress and further cash flows from this direction are additional revenue. In the case of an eighth place, they thus amount to around 20 million euros.

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Eintracht Frankfurt: Winter new entries or transfer attack in summer?

Negative from harmonics: due to low transfer revenue in the summer as well as the stadium relief influenced by the corona crisis, the report is currently about ten million euros behind the own financial plan — is under the bottom line only a plus of ten Million Euros.

About how this money is invested, in Frankfurt is alleged in early December a basic decision. Eintracht Frankfurts boss Markus Roche and Co. must then clarify whether they want to invest a part of the million surplus directly in winter in new arrivals, especially for the abundant offensive.

Alternatively, the SGE Responsible could return the money for the time being and tackle a larger attack on the transfer market in the summer of 2022.