The Bayer 04 Leverkusen II was a soccer group from Germany who played at the regionalism West, the 4th most vital football league in the nation.

Danny the Costa wanted after his return to Eintracht Frankfurt actually completely started with the football Bundesliga club from Hesse. After his half-yearly lending to the 1st PSV Mainz 05, he does not cope under the new SGE head coach Oliver Glaser but is now possibly a final farewell from Frankfurt.

As it means in a recent report of the Augsburg er General, it could draw the right-hand for half a year before leaving his contract to FC Augsburg.

Die Neuzugänge von Eintracht Frankfurt im Check | Bundesliga Reaktion

Since Costa seems to have no future at Contract under Glaser no more future, was not even more in the squad of the Europa League participant for weeks. In Augsburg, he could ensure a much-needed new alternative on the right outer train, lacking the previous legal defenders Raphael Hamburger and Robert Gummy but obviously at Konstanz.

Already in the past season, The Costa had lost his regular seat at the Frankfurt, it brought in the first round on only a starting element. He was then given to the back series to the Mainz. Under BO Venison showed the 28-year-old strong performance, played 16 of the 17 Round Rides and came back to the Main metropolis with the best recommendations.

Contract Reservist wants more game shares

In the meantime, however, it is long clear that Contract no longer relies on the native Lesser, which was considered a few years ago as a potential German international.

Since Costa himself had last looked through, necessarily getting more game shares in the future. A change to the relegation threatened muggers in winter seems to be excluded as excluded.

Especially since the former U21 national player has already demonstrated last year in Mainz 05, as helpful to be helpful in the undertaking, a crisis club new quality and new energy.