Saudi Arabia verified its engagement in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to 21, 2016.

Here is our guide to the best settings for your formula 1 for the Jeddah circuit in Saudi Arabia on the game F1 2021. The goal being to give you an optimized set-up for the counter-la-watch but also effective in the race. Note that it is better to play driving to get the full potential of these settings, although it is possible to use them with a joystick.

The best settings for Jeddah on F1 2021

Find here our best settings for the Jeddah Circuit in Saudi Arabia. Be careful nevertheless, these settings are more optimized for the counter-la-shows more than the race, thus thinking to lightly change the tire pressure for example.

Note that obviously fuel level, it is recommended to play with the lowest level of fuel to achieve the best possible time. Thus, use the minimum of gasoline by weight against the watch mode.

How To MASTER The JEDDAH STREET CIRCUIT | Track Guide, Setup + Hotlap | F1 2021 Saudi GP

As mentioned above, these settings are to be used primarily for counter-la-watch mode or qualifying since you will draw the full potential of your F1 to the detriment of tires. In addition, our set-up is optimized for driving, although it is possible to use it with a joystick.

So much for our guide on the best settings for the Jeddah circuit in Saudi Arabia on F1 2021. You can find all the circuit settings as well as all the news of the game of Formula 1 on Apatosaurus.