The 820-2021 period of the Jupiter Pro League is the 118th season of the initial Belgian department. As part of a proposition from the Board of Supervisors of the Jupiter Pro Organization approved by the General Assembly of May 15, 2020, the 2020-21 season will certainly involve shortened play-offs due to the Pandemic of Covid-19. Just the four finest groups will certainly bet the title, while the five-to-eight groups will play playoffs for the remaining ticket in Europe. The league meetings were announced on July 8, 2020.

Lukas Nmecha 2021 - Welcome to  VfL Wolfsburg ? - Amazing Skills & Goals | HD
The Wolfs burger Lukas Mecca is in the circle of the national team before an appearance in his living room.

The necessary self-confidence for the national team brings Lukas Mecca in any case. I always think that I am the best striker, says the U21 European champion. And now he has arrived where he belongs to its own discretion in the long run: in the circle of the best at the national team. And that — despite the noticeable upswing under the new national coach Hans Flick — is known to be a problem on the center-tower position.

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Mecca is No Horst Brubeck, Flick said about the pro of the VFL Wolfsburg, but he was very active and can say the ball well. The 22-year-old brings an other, playful way. In his Wolfsburg living room, Mecca could give his debut on Thursday (20:45 pm / RTL) in the World Cup qualifier against Liechtenstein.

It would be the coronation of a phenomenal week with three wins, three goals and the call of Flick. You can say it was the best week of my footballing life, said the German Englishman, who was trained at Manchester City.

I feel at home here

In 2017, he had triumphed at the U19-EM with England, four years later he shot the German U21 in the DFB jersey with his winning goal in the final against Portugal for the European Championship victory.

Mecca has not regretted his jersey exchange. I feel at home here, says the native of Hamburger, who had fought hard the former U21 National Coach Stefan Kurtz hard.

Kurtz once spent two days with the end of the attacker and came back with two findings: Lukas Mecca in the future carries the eagle on the chest. And: Father Mecca is doing the best scrambled eggs that exist.