One of the details that has surprised many of the players of League of Legends who are up-to-date at Arcane has been the original name of jinx. Anticipated along different trailers that preceded the premiere of the series and confirmed from the first of the episodes, the creative team formed by Riot Games and Netflix decided to rename the champion as Powder.

The name change of Jinx to Powder in Arcane

There are several reasons why the directors of the series gave Jinx another name (departing from all the events until the end of Chapter Three). The problem is that the moment in which the doubts are resolved is a bit in the air due to dubbing or subtitles. In the final scene of chapter three when I saw it learns that Powder is responsible for what happened she says trees bad luck. A moment that in the original version in English is expressed as because you are a jinx, literally airs a game.

As we have been able to know of the following chapters thanks to statements by the actors and the trailers, the future of the character in the series will go through the internal struggle between its original personality (Powder) and this new tormented version (Jinx). A plot that wants to show the evolution of it so that, presumably, we can understand how the identity of the champion was formed that ended up arriving at League of Legends in 2014.

As a curiosity, Powder is also a literal translation of the word dust. However, it can also be interpreted as a gunpowder. Maybe, in reference that she was a character about to explode.

Arcane League of Legends: Is POWDER JINX? (JINX ORIGIN STORY)
The other names of the characters of Arcane

Although the name change of jinx does not respond to any particularity throughout its development, almost all the new League of Legends champions come to the game with a name very different from the one they had in their creation process. A situation that gives rise to many curiosities and that has also made many of the characters in the series were about to reach the game with a very different name.

In the case of the protagonists of Arcane, this is how they could have been called… :

Caitlyn : Emerita
Jayce : Apollo
Vi: Executing Plover (name of prototype)
Viktor: Hex mage (Ago Hex tech)

In addition, the two characters not officially revealed: Echo Show had Punk Genius (Genius Punk) as prototype name Singed could have called Zip.