Philippe Mourinho apparently maneuvered in FC Barcelona itself. That says at least the Spanish journalist Lies Model at esport3.

Trigger should have been a change-of-crate of the Brazilian during the 3rd 3-credentials of the Catalans last weekend against CELTA Vigo. According to the report, Mourinho has reluctantly been reluctant to warm up before breaking Interim Trainer Sergi Arjuna shortly before break to replace the injured ANSI Fate.

Instead of Mourinho, Arjuna Alex Blade, Mourinho sat 90 minutes on the bench. After the game, especially Barça leaders Mourinho whose attitudes have accused. The 29-year-old himself was surprised after the reports on his poor attitude he laid during the 3: 3 on the day.

In my whole career, I have never missed professionalism, I always respected everyone and I also respect journalists, but they construct many things, he said at a press conference with the Brazilian national team, for the Mourinho in the context of the upcoming World Cup qualifiers has been nominated.

Mourinho moved in January 2018 for 135 million euros from FC Liverpool to the Catalans, but he could not justify his record decals. After only one and a half years Barça gave the offensive midfielder to FC Bayern Munich, who did not force the purchase option for the Brazilian in the amount of allegedly 120 million euros.

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Back at FC Barcelona, ​​the 29-year-old was seriously injured her knee and missed the entire second half due to an external meniscus tear. Currently, he is at Barça times a regular player, sometimes like CELTA Vigo Reservist. His contract in Barcelona is still running until 2023, but a premature farewell does not seem unlikely.