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In any parallel universe, there was probably a blizzcon last weekend, on which the Blizzard developers presented new information about WOW patch 9.2, a teaser for the next WOW extension and the confirmation of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. In our universe, however, there is no blizzcon, and no, Unfortunately, it will not be made up in February 2022. So we have to take what we can get: supposed leaks that circulate through the net.

Exactly such a supposed leak has been making the round for a few hours. And yes, who wants to cover the full WOW program:

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We look at the details of 9.2, Wotlk Classic and Awakings in turn.

WOW patch 9.2: Fate of Eternity

The first content patch has been in Fate of Eternity, listening to the name Fate of Eternity and offer the following features according to the Leaks in Spring 2022.

The New World Zereth Mortis
The new PVE challenge Trials of the First Ones

World of Warcraft LEAKS: Next WoW Expansion, WOTLK Classic release date  & Shadowlands 9.2
New Dungeon and Raid
Allied fractions
and more…

Even months ago, players speculated that patch 9.2 could lead to Zereth mortis, because this place is a conversation in Korthia from the 9.1 campaign, and there are the First Ones rule, which fits the leak. And Hazzikostas had recently expressed a positive effect on the cross-group cross-country gameplay.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Certainly, all Classic fans already count with a release of Wotlk Classic, even if there is no official announcement yet. Wow (Buy Now 14.99 €) Classic and TBC Classic were and are just too successful to get the new edition of the most popular WoW extension through the rags. With it, of course:

Death Knight
New raids, dungeons, fractions
Thousand winter
Beach of the ancient and island of the conquest
and much more

The WotLK new edition should start in autumn 2022, which would mean that Blizzard raushaut the upcoming TBC Classic phases no later than the summer 2022.

WOW: Awakings – The new extension

The new enlargement is currently in development (which is certainly right) and does not yet have a divided release period according to the leak. The features:

The return to another azeroth
New class: the mechanic
New system: Hero Stance (heroic attitude)
Builds and individualizes your own airship
A converted handicraft system
and much more

That sounds a little after Cataclysm 2.0, with a retreading of the currently known Azeroth, a second housing attempt and the often desired Tinker class. However, there was a leak in 2019, which brought an awakening extension into the game. Whether the new leak the info only boils or if it was already on the rumors at that time, that will show the time.

What do you think about the supposed leak? How do the dates and features sound for you? Track us in the comments!

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