The release date of Battlefield 2042 is at the door, and those who eagerly pre-ordered the gold or Ultimate edition of DICES new FPS game – together with EA Play Pro members – can experience a whole week before starting. EA has now confirmed that players who have not collected the money from 12. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for console.

The youngest early look at Battlefield 2042 in the form of his open beta came across mixed resonance at the players. While some enjoyed the specialists of Battlefield 2042, others were less enthusiastic about the new systems that the developers have introduced. The leading community manager Adam, Freeman Freeman said then that the Open Beta was played on a build, which is a few months old, which means that many of the problems that the players were confronted, most likely already from Dice were fixed.

DICE has also done to work to make comprehensive gameplay changes after completing the beta, in response to the feedback of the community. Server Problems, Resetting Weapon Loadouts Between Games and Overloading User Interface are among the weak points that the studio wants to fix in time for the start.

As it looks, the studio was already busy to bring new and unique experiences to the series. Last week we got an insight into the new cards Renewal, Breakaway and Discarded. We now have another view of the creative mode of Battlefield 2042, portal, thrown.

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With just over a week, until the players Battlefield 2042 can be fully experienced, it looks as if dice would work down to the last detail to deliver the goods.

If you are still not sure if you want to separate yourself from your hard earned money or not after what we know about the previous state of the game, then grab the game pass for a month – especially if you Offered for the first month of 1 / £ 1 – the best way to be to try it before buying.