The strategy game Age of Empire 4 had his release on October 28th. At the first weekend, 74,000 simultaneously played the title: a success for the series and the genre of the ehezeit strategy. The title is popular especially in Germany and Switzerland. In reviews, the multiplayer mode is praised.

So strikes Age of Empires 4 on Steam:

At the Global Top-Sellers on Steam, Age of Empires IV is at the moment in 1 place in front of Forza Horizon 5, The Forest and New World – that speaks for solid sales figures.
At the game figures, Age of Empires 4 reached 73.928 players at the same time on Sunday. This is a relatively high peak value for a strategy game and higher than successful strategy titles such as vermintide 2 or X: Com Enemy Unknown, like PC Gamer knows.

Age of Empires IV - Before You Buy
For the reviews on Steam, Age of Empire is currently very positive at the moment – this corresponds to 83% positive reviews.

The Gamestar Strategy Game Expert, Maurice Weber, is dedicated to Age of Empires 4 critical:

German Loves Simply Age of Empires

Where is Age of Empires the most popular? If you look at the search interest in Age of Empires 4 on Google Trends, the interest in Switzerland is highest. After that, however, Germany follows. In German-speaking countries you will always seem to love the series – the Germans traditionally have a pronounced preference for strategy games, we also love games in which we need to work properly.

Age of Empires 4 is surprisingly asked in China, Estonia, Czech Republic and New Zealand.

In the US, you are very interested in Age of Empires, the interest there is in relation only about a third as high as in Germany.

The preference of the Germans for the strategy series also proposes in the reviews: there is teeming from German Reviews – usually English is dominant in the evaluation section.

Multiplayer all around successful

What to say to the Multiplayer? Age of Empires has always been known for its heated multiplayer battles, where players start at different corners of a map, build their bases and then bounce up in the course of the match.

The first reviews features a positive image for multiplayer mode of the game:

It is said, the peoples would differ greatly – this is better than in Age of Empires 2
A user says, the multiplayer is all around successful – there are many different ways to play every people
Other users criticize the condition of the game, there are still many bugs in the title – it s more like a beta

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