1952 Albanian Cup (Albanian: Kupa e Shqipërisë) was the 6th season of Albania s annual cup competitors. It began on February 1952 with the First Eliminatory Round and ended on May 1952 with the Final suit. Dinamo Tirana were the defending champions, having actually won their 2nd Albanian Mug last season. The cup was won by Dinamo Tirana.The rounds were played in a one-legged format. Group A played 3 eliminatory rounds and also Groups B, C and also D played directly in quarter finals. If the number of objectives was equal, the suit was determined by extra time and also a fine shootout, if necessary.

In the competitive scene of League of Legends, losing is never positive, especially during the Worlds. In the Round Eliminatory of the Play-in, Galatasaray Esports fell into a very hard end. The Taiwanese of Beyond Gaming took the last game of the five, culminating a reverse Sweep that left Turks stunned.

Despite having been defeated in a hard way, GS Bolulu spoke with our colleagues from France about his feelings post-match. The Midlaner has been eliminated from the World Cup by Second time consecutive at the same point… that is, without having reached the Main Event. However, he and his team have not been a comparsa in these world championships.

It was a difficult day for your team, so my first question must be: How do you feel?

I do not feel good, I feel… Well, in my opinion, they were better, we were on the finish line. We had to win just a map of all three after 2-0, but we did not do it. Still, we try Change the drafts and strategies by playing the early game or the accumulation of Drakes, but Beyond Gaming played very well.

If we return to the first map, you played a really good zoe. After this match, you banned it 4 times. Did you miss her?

My strategy to win the confrontation was to play the early game trying to perform proactive movements in the upper jungle. Because, when you leave it in the hands of the enemy, they always had a plan. We were following them: they went to the herald, we defended it… We were never in the right place. Normally, we are always there. Against this team, I do not know why, but we feel the pressure.

What were the sensations of the team and the words of the technician before the fifth match?

From 2-0, we were like guys, it s a 0-0. We try to go with that mentality. Of course, it was very difficult when they put 2-2. Because it does not matter what the experience you have, it is very Difficult to be concentrated and not think about that. We feel the pressure. Then, I did not want to repent and I said to the team: Jug without regret and choose the champion that you want, because if we lose, we lose!

World Cup 2021 continues. What team will you support?

I will probably support my friends Closer and Armut, so 100thieves and Mad Lions. And other than that, I am a great admirer of FPX and T1. In that order.

Do you think Mad Lions can win the world 2021?

They are strong and have a lot of talent, so I think they have the opportunity to win, but equipment like FPX or Damwon (dwg kia) are the favorites. But of course yes. They have an opportunity, even if it is small.

You have played before with Armut, so, would it be possible to see you play in Lec one day?

If I have an offer on Lec, I ll come! (Laughter) I hope, because I feel more than ready at this time, I feel that I am improving every day and I feel ready to play in important regions like LCS or LEC!

Galatasaray has two Koreans, Crazy and Alive. What do they contribute to the team and how do you communicate?

If I include the Irean coach, we have three Koreans. They have contributed a lot to the team with their level of play and have always worked very hard to overcome their limits. And, obviously, communication in the game can be difficult for its English levels. For example, Crazy can have an incredible plan on his head, but sometimes he says nothing because he can not express it. That is why, in this sense, communication can become problematic. But after all, they only contribute positive things

The public does not really know how the smallest regions for Worlds are prepared. Do you play against teams of the main regions or only Turkish teams?

Most of the Turkish teams go on vacation as soon as they lose, we prepare for the world three days after the end of the TCL (Turkish Championship League), but we do not have the same levels of sparrings. We are a TCL team, so it is difficult to find games. Korean, Chinese or Taiwanese teams do not give us any scrims. I only play against NA, some teams from the EU Masters, LEC, but also minor region teams such as Red Canids, Peace or Infinity.

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