In the course of WoW Classic, we had reported several times over the numerous rogue bots, which made nothing different all day than emptying the pockets of the dwarves from the blackrock depths. The big plus of this gold farm strategy: the pockets of the disgusting fill up automatically after some time, so that the BOT users do not have to reset the instance at any time. The latter was in turn worth gold after Blizzard had introduced a dungeon limit for WOW Classic.

So that the story in the season of the championship does not repeat itself, the developers have considered something, a thief debuff namely. This was introduced with the latest beta patch and always comes to carry when a rogue in the blackrock depths about the ten times in succession takes ash theft.

The new debuff then ensures that all dwarfs are hiding your existing belongings and well, so that the long finger can only steal a gray item that is just worth a copper piece. By the virtual demise you can remove the debuff by the way. Then you have to live back to the dungeon entrance with the almost three minutes runtime. A cycle from claws, get debuff, die, run back, takes about five minutes and brings on average probably about 20 silver pieces. That s not exactly the fabric from which the gold dreams are.

What do you think: Can the new debuff distribute the villains out of the blackrock depths? Track us in the comments!

The Class Meta in FRESH Classic WoW – Season of Mastery
Source : WOWHEAD

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