The end time is re-gripped and the Horde of the infected steam steam in stunning speed. Not without reason, the indirect new edition whates many parallels to an old games brand, which may still be well known.

Back 4 Blood is shooting through Steam ranking

Of course it s about the Zombie Hit Back 4 Blood from the developer spring of Turtle Rock Studios. The cooperative first-person shooter of the creators of the LEFT-4-Dead series made his way overnight at the top of the popularity scale on Steam and has already left well-known games like Battlefield V or Dead by Daylight.. (Source: Steam)

The shooter massacre sends you in the center of a wild war for life and death. It slips into the role from up to eight so-called cleaners and tries to turn the apocalypse full of undead of adversaries in a 4-player story campaign.

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plays as infected in back 4 blood

Whether you are concerned with the increasingly demanding missions alone or with up to three friends, you decide. In competitive multiplayer mode, you can the survivors even with one of the bloodthirsty infected infections in the narrow drive, if the meaning is after that.

Whether good or evil to become master of the situation, both sides offer special skills, which uses it to an advantage. So the bloody fight can be faster to your favor, no matter what party belongs to your grade.

Overall, the game offers four extensive file ready for you. Noteworthy is at this point the high reflection value. Since you have twice as many protagonists available as fit into a full group, you will play the shooter multiple times to find out the full storybogen. A colorful mixing of the group members is therefore in demand.

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back 4 Blood [bonus uncut edition] (German packaging)

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The Zombie Shooter appeared on October 12 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s. Over an annual pass, the game will be supplied with new stories, playable characters and other infected malters in the coming time.