Game is the second album of the J-Pop Perfume group. It was launched in Japan on April 16, 2008 and in two types: CD and CD + DVD. Being released, Game debuted as 1 in Oricon, [1] causing perfume one of the few Technopop groups who have been there. «Ceramic Girl» has been used as ending at anime Sumire Jürokusai !! And «Butterfly» was used to promote the game of Nintendo DS Mugen No Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga.

The last born of the long-standing hockey franchise has arrived. Unfortunately, it may not be exactly what fans hoped. It is getting easier to say that this game has been around for years. Of course, the skating is silky and the new frostbite engine does wonders for the graphics and the overall design of the game. It is also the only hockey game on the market and for those of you who are the pillars of the Series, you will probably want to go back to the game and play it until the arrival of the next.

So, what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of picking up NHL 22? We definitely deepened what is good in the game and what still needs a redesign. It s not terrible, it s just not too exciting or exciting either. If you are curious to know which of your favorite consoles choose, consult our video review below. We certainly did not leave the details.

Here is a brief excerpt from our written criticism, EA Vancouver has made a fantastic use of the Dualsense controller, producing surprisingly enough of one of the best uses of his gadgets to date. You feel the blades of your skates sink into the ice. You hear your coaches shouting to change line. The horn sounds and the music of the arena sounds in the speaker. All this helps to create an immersion in a way that has never been felt in the NHL series. »

So what do you think of NHL 22? Let us know in the comments below.

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