Inc. Inc. has published the official PV and official pre-registration site of the Full-scale Mikuni Strategy SLG App Sangoku .

Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, HTTPS: // has released the official PV and official pre-registration site of full-scale three-day strategy SLG app Sangoku Sangokushi . Currently, we are holding a pre-registration campaign that rare warlords can earn.

▼ Pre-registration execution period ▼
September 27, 2021-27-2011 (scheduled)

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Official PV released! Official pre-registration site is also open!

The official PV of the Full-scale Mikuni Strategy SLG App Sangoku is released!

In addition to the righteous male, Cao, Ayobi, and grandson rights, 趙 clouds, Ryofu, and even in addition to the beautiful beauty, 貂, etc., the world view of the game and the pre-registration campaign are also introduced with Dodon! The truncation truncation is the main story and runs!

Official PV

In addition, Sengoku Sangokushi official pre-registration site is also open! Book now and get a luxury benefits in the pre-registration caper!

Official pre-registration site

A pre-registration campaign to get a rare warlords!

Do not be a user who registered in advance, one S-class warlords present! Furthermore, depending on the number of registrants, we will distribute additional benefits! Don t miss this super chance!

[Benefits 1] Presenting a luxury item to everyone!

If you have a pre-registered user during the period, choose one of the four S-class warlords Son Yasuka Son Sakai Zhang Warfuke and Saku Shu and give a present!

[Benefits 2] The benefits are also gorgeous further according to the number of registrations!

Furthermore, every time the number of registrants increases, the benefits that you can get are luxurious and luxurious! In addition to gacha items and in-game currencies, accomplishment of all conditions will also be presented to play an important role in the game!

Super luxurious benefits are preliminary registration campaigns, and it is loss if you do not participate! Please join this opportunity!

For more information on campaigns Top 10 Pre-registration page!

What is a Sangokushi Sangokushi

Even in solo play, it can be enjoyed freely in multiplayer with friends, full-fledged strategy SLG Latest works!

As a monarch that lives a rupuler, you will be down to the ancient battlefield, let s follow the name of the namespace while expanding the region of the kingdom, and organize the strongest unit!

In addition, we will aim for the Tenka Unification while adding alliances with other players to the other players who want to make aspirations.

Run the Runtei vertical and sideways, let s spread the only supremacy to the whole soil! To the Battlefield of the Tarming Architecture History!

Frasciner 1 【Reproduce the history faithful! Communication with the great general! ]

A story that reproduces events frustrated in the historical facts of Three Kingdoms! Kazu, Sakai, Sakai, Cao Cao, Bibi etc … Famous warlords appear one after another! With a total of 100 warlords, we will defeat the enemy army! Running the truncation truncation!

Frasciner 2 [Create a fulfillment element, organize the strongest unit! ]

Equipment, outstanding stars, war, warlords, etc., fostering elements of warlords are full! Five crops of infantry, cavalry, archer, shielder, operator,
Combine Tactics and Tactics that can be placed according to the warfare, organize your own strongest unit!

Charm part 3 【Content full, how to play freely! ]

Player himself became the Lord and develops the city freely! Research domestic administration technology and strengthen the overall military power! A Tenma Line Sky of the warlord dispatch, the red wall decisive battle of the camp match, and the master general challenge of the high difficulty! Everything is up to you!

Frasciner 4 [Tear the top battle and champion! ]

Take cooperation with the alumni and let s go to the battle battle together! Collect the whole strength and attack the castle and expand the power! Full Player Does a large scale of large-scale groups that can participate, intensive

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Latest information catches with Twitter!

Main Warriors Mikuni official Twitter opened! The latest information will be updated here at any time! Do not miss it!

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Official LINE account opened!

We opened the Sangoku Shimboku LINE official account that can notify the game information quickly. We are looking for a great deal of friends!

Currently, those who have registered for friends are scheduled to deliver great events and campaign information, and distribution of friends limited benefits that only LINE can only be reached! We look forward to your registration!

You can register your friends in any of the following!
● Scan the QR code of banner image
● Access from URL

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