Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a first-person shooting video game developed by Treyarch and distributed by Activision in 2012. It was released on November 13, 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, on November 18, 2012 in North America, and finally on November 30, 2012 in Europe and Australia for Wii U. [1] [2] [3] Square Enix launched the game for the Japanese market on November 22, 2012 as a Subtitled version A voice version folded to the Japanese language was released separately on December 20, 2012. The script of this version was translated from English by Zenigame Nakamoto.
Call of Duty: Black Ops II is the ninth game of the Call of Duty saga and a sequel to the 2010 Call of Duty game: Black Ops. The game was released at 16,000 stores around the world at midnight on November 13, 2012. Got a sales record at that time 500 million dollars, [4] only surpassed by Grand Theft Auto V.
Call of Duty: Black Ops II is the second game of the Calll of Duty saga in presenting the future technology of war, and the first to present branching stories driven by the player s choice, as well as the selection of weapons before starting the Missions of History mode. It also offers a 3D display option. [5] A corresponding game, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified, was simultaneously released on the PlayStation Vita portable console. Within 24 hours of going on sale, the game raised more than $ 500 million. He had remained as the video game with the greatest entertainment release of all time until September 2013, when Take-Two announced that Grand Theft Auto V had raised $ 800 million on his first day of launch. [6] It was sold 7.5 million copies in the US UU In November 2012, so it is the most sales game in a month. [7] As of November 5, 2013, the game has sold 24.2 million do you copy.
The game is the first of the series to offer significant elements of non-linear gameplay, especially with multiple endings. [8]
On April 11, 2017 Major Nelson announced via Twitter [9] that the videogame was already retranscating with Xbox One. [10] [11] [12]

Phone Call of Obligation Season 6 remains in full speed, and also the October 19 update for Black Ops Cold War generates modifications for the Halloween-themed Haunting occasion that will certainly run from October 19 via November 2. The spot notes also information numerous renovations for Season 6 s Forsaken Zombies map.

Multiplayer Maps And Modes .

Period 6 s Ominous event brings a Halloween-themed Nuketown map to Black Ops Cold War. Gamers can likewise anticipate 3 limited-time modes:.

Howl Deathmatch: 2 gamers end up being covered up Ghostface killers chasing after survivors in a game of hide-and-seek.
Infected setting with a brand-new twist: it s an18-player video game of Zombies vs. Survivors, where Survivors now make rewards with each zombie player they eliminate.
Halloween Prop Hunt: This setting will certainly let gamers conceal around the map as skulls, jack-o – lights, black pet cats, bats, skeletons, and much more in Phone call of Task s hide-and-seek setting.

Zombies .

For Zombies, The Ominous occasion adds the brand-new All Hallows Eve Episode setting, in which gamers will need to survive for 10 minutes and also exfiltrate from a single Episode area. This holiday version is harder than conventional Outbreak mode, as the problem of the region will certainly increase every 2 mins. Ultimately, this means even more zombies and also higher trouble to eliminate them. When the 10-minute time limitation is gotten to, the exfil factor will spawn and gamers will require to combat to safely exfil from the match.

Break out s Survival setting, which was formerly a co-op mode for public suits, has actually been provided for both exclusive suits as well as solo play.

Furthermore, the spot notes consist of more repairs for Season 6 s Forsaken map. This includes concerns that enabled gamers to become unseen while playing a gallery game, in addition to messages players received that advised of being out of bounds within genuine play areas. Forsaken s Plague opponent kind got repairs for problems that caused the animal to obtain stuck at numerous map points, as well as it also dealt with troubles that created the Plague not to damage crystals effectively for the map s main Easter egg action.

The full October 19 patch notes can be seen below, as shared by Treyarch.

Call of Task content continues as Activision Blizzard faces a suit from the state of The golden state over claimed harassment as well as discrimination against females.


Occasions .

The Haunting .
The Haunting Event live from October 19th to November second in Black Ops Cold War and also Warzone .
Complete occasion challenges in both video games to unlock brand-new in-game benefits, including the new LAPA SMG.

Defense .

New SMG offered using occasion obstacles.
Total a full set of 9 difficulties in either Black Ops Cold War or Warzone throughout The Haunting Occasion to unlock the LAPA.


Maps .

Nuketown Halloween .
Unique Halloween version of Nuketown 84 contributed to Multiplayer rotation during The Haunting Event.

Modes .

Yell Deathmatch .
Shout Deathmatch included in Multiplayer Featured Playlists.
Two arbitrary players will end up being Ghostface and must eliminate all Survivors.
Survivors will certainly have no tools and must run as well as hide from the killers.
Survivors will periodically shout throughout the match, distributing their position and compeling them to remain on the step.
The match ends when the awesomes have killed all Survivors, or when a last Survivor climbs up to defeat the awesomes.
Infected .
Contaminated added to Multiplayer Featured Playlists. Sustains approximately 18 players.
Zombies effort to eliminate the Survivors to add them to the undead group.
The remaining Survivors win if they defeat the clock, or the Zombies win if they turn every Survivor.
Survivors will certainly gain an incentive with each Zombie they kill:.
Benefit to reload speed.
Bonus offer to ADS rate.
Benefit to motion speed.
Bonus to glide rate.
Nuketown Halloween Prop Hunt .
Nuketown Halloween Prop Hunt contributed to Party Games as well as Nuketown Halloween Included Playlists.
New Halloween-themed props include heads, jack-o – lanterns, crawlers, as well as extra on the Nuketown Halloween map.

Scare Plans .

Call Halloween-themed Care Packages for some tricks as well as treats.:-RRB-.

Playlists .

Nuketown Halloween .

The NEW DLC Lapa and Nuketown Halloween in Cold War
Nuketown Halloween included to Featured Playlists.
Consists Of Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, as well as Nuketown Halloween Prop Hunt. Mode voting made it possible for.

Featured Playlists .

Nuketown Halloween [BRAND-NEW] (consists of Nuketown Halloween Prop Hunt).
Howl Deathmatch [NEW] .
Contaminated [BRAND-NEW] .
Gunfight Event [BRAND-NEW] .
Face Off 6v6.
12v12 Moshpit.
Event Gamings (consists of Nuketown Halloween Prop Hunt).


Halloween Updates .

Jack O Lantern Decline .
Zombies have a chance to drop the brand-new Jack O Lantern item for additional incentives, consisting of Wonder Defense, Assistance Weapons, Ammo Mods, Chalices, Aether Tools, and also high-level Shield.
Scare Bundles .
During The Haunting Occasion, Scare Plans containing high-value incentives will certainly generate every five rounds in round-based maps, and in every Break out Region.
Pumpkin Heads .
Zombies with pumpkin heads will show up in all settings. These weak points have reduced health and also can be fired off for Essence benefits.
Spooky Soundtrack .
Included brand-new Halloween in-game songs during The Haunting.

Break out .

Settings .
Hallows Eve Outbreak .
New Break out setting offered throughout The Haunting.
Athletes have to endure versus significantly hostile crowds in a single Region for 10 minutes prior to Exfil starts.
Difficulty ramps up every 2 mins, and also zombie generates are frequently at optimum. Zombies are always knowledgeable about the team s place.
The Orda battle is the only offered World Event.
After 10 minutes, Exfil will certainly begin at the area farthest from the team.
Episode Survival .
Outbreak Survival mode now available secretive and Solo matches.

Round-Based Maps .

Forsaken .
Gameplay .
Dealt with a concern that enabled gamers to end up being undetectable while playing a gallery video game.
Resolved numerous wrong out of bounds warnings within legit play areas.
Dealt with a problem that can trigger gamers to be incorrectly teleported while in the Observation Tower area.
Attended to a problem that created the gallery activation motivates to appear when already occupied or during Exfil.
Resolved a problem that created gamers to get the previous benefits when rebooting the Der Eisendrache pinball video game yet not taking part.
Attended to a concern that might create gamers to not keep Support items gotten throughout the Der Eisendrache pinball video game.
Enemies .
Attended to a concern that triggered the Plague to come to be stuck on the Main Street bridge.
Dealt with a problem that caused the Abomination to utilize the Unique enemy icon on the mini-map rather than the Elite adversary symbol.
Dealt with an unusual problem that can triggered the Plague to be relocated close by after a cost attack.
Addressed a concern that can trigger zombies to not visibly degenerate appropriately when struck with the Plague s Beam of light Attack.
Resolved a problem that avoided the Abomination from being able to damage respawned Aetherium crystals.
Attended to an issue that can permit the Disciple to comply with players into arcade mini-games.
Marvel Weapons .
Resolved a concern that stopped ammo from being provided when Pack-a-Punching the Chrysalax to Tier II or III.
Key Quest .
Addressed a problem that triggered Ammo Caches to go away during the later actions of the Key Quest.
General .
Resolved a concern that caused players to be approved 1,000 Essence rather of 500 when beginning a new match.
Closed various exploit locations where gamers could not be gotten to by opponents.
Closed numerous ventures associated with making use of PhD Slider or the Sai Melee weapon to move to unintentional locations.

Security .

Forsaken .
Included stability repairs connected to the Chrysalax Marvel Weapon.
Added security repairs connected to the Pizza Shipment side mission in Forsaken. .
Added a stability solution pertaining to the Aetherium Neutralizer in the Forsaken Main Quest.
Added a security solution pertaining to the Key Pursuit particles barrier in Forsaken. .
General .
Added stability fixes associated with the Abomination.
Added a stability repair pertaining to the ARC-XD Support Weapon.
Added a stability repair relevant to Battle Wield weapons with Ammo Mods.
Included a stability fix for a collision that can take place when a player was downed.

Rewards .

Attended to an issue that triggered a non-functional Headstone Stash to spawn when passing away without the Benefit after having had the Benefit throughout a previous life.

Support .

Closed some invincibility exploits pertaining to use the ARC-XD.

Marvel Weapons .

Dealt with an issue that caused wrong ammunition to be granted to the D.E.A.D. Joltsurge Marvel tool when getting the Max Ammunition power-up.

Included Playlists .

Hallows Eve Break Out [NEW] .
Outbreak (Countless and also 3 Region).
Mauer der Toten.
Firebase Z.
Die Maschine.
Dead Ops Arcade 3 (Standard and First-Person).
Assault (PlayStation ®).
Assault Elite (PlayStation).
Attack Containment (PlayStation).