Soloq qualifiers can be a good trip for some and a nightmare for others, especially if we talk about some champions that become tedious inside the invoker crack. Among them, we can see one that causes more than one ragequit in the games where he appears and one of every two players releases the words of asco asco of character . Indeed, we are talking about Shaco , the sinister buffoon that, despite being a ballast in the competitive, is a huge demon in the qualifying items. Between the different skills of him, the definitive one is one that if you know how to use well, you can fully condition a game.

The Reddit Vfoldy user commented on a post Infalible trick on how to differentiate the false shaco against the True Shaco with a simple effect on HUD: When selecting Shaco when he and his clone are active, we can see if your mythical object has a yellow border around. The Shaco TRUE will have a yellow border around its mythical object and the false will not have it. You can also pingear to Shaco before you activate your definitive and Asset said ping when reappeared. This check of mythical objects applies to all champions that can have a clone as Leblanc, Neeko, among others.

HOW TO WIN JUNGLE IN 3 MINUTES - The ULTIMATE SHACO Guide - Macro, Pathing and Ganking Tips

This strategy serves more for the highest , since in the basses, if it is easier to know that Shaco is and the players do not have such skill with the champion. However, in some qualifying queues we have some that another endowed player who is in a secondary account and want smurfear games with Shaco. Hopefully, this advice will be served and you can have more controlled to the little League of Legends buffoon so you can upload ELO in your personal accounts.