FIFA 22 has been exactly 22 days with us since its official launch – and a month if we add anticipated access. So in EA Sports they have had how to collect the curious data obtained in these first three weeks. Take the calculator, because it is to put your hands to your head.

The Day Before - Official Release Date Trailer
They have more than 2,000 million games , which adds an average of 89 million meetings per day. In all these shocks they have been marked more than 5,000 million goals , and adding time they are more than 87.8 million years of game . Amazing, huh?

The game has been tested in more than 200 countries and the most chosen team, to anyone s surprise, is PSG, at 15 million times . The career mode has seen the creation of more than 3 million personalized equipment, in the pro club game mode, more than 57.7 million parties have been played with more than 326,000 female avatars and in Volta have been played more of 21 million parties Eleavers.

Figures of authentic madness. We leave you below full infographic , which hides more curiosities. We had to leave it for the end because it is so great that we chafed the design of the page , but surely reading up here has been fun.