The World Information Modern Technology as well as Services Partnership (WITSA) is a consortium of organizations from the details as well as communications technology (ICT) industry around the globe. The group declares that it stands for over 90% of the globe ICT market via its international membership, and has a goal of progressing the growth as well as growth of the ICT sector. WITSA was established in 1978 as the World Computing Providers Industry Association, and also takes part in advocacy in worldwide public law that influences the global information facilities . It articulates the problems of the international IT sector in organisations such as the Globe Profession Company, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and also Development, as well as the G8.
WITSA represents IT market organizations in over 84 countries or economies. WITSA s adage is Fulfilling the Assurance of the Digital Age .
WITSA Globe Information Technology and also Services Alliance re-elected the 2020-2022 chairman and board of supervisors on the 18th, and also Yannis Sirros, a participant of the Greek Federation of Infotech as well as Communication Enterprises (SEPE), was chosen as the brand-new chairman

The claim that the current government organizations divided into ICT promotion and regulation should be integrated in the next government was raised. Especially with the status and functions of the Minister the ministerial level rather than an intellectual of Experts that it requires ICT departments.

In addition, with the integration ministry launched a claim that established the information media chief in Presidential Secretariat under, and adjust the conflict of stakeholders in accordance with the regulatory innovations and the need to new industry regulations conflict mediation committee (working title) for the support .

Information and Communication Policy Institute (Chairman gwonnamhun Konkuk University), Cyber ​​Communications Society (president of Sungkyunkwan reading something like University), Korea Media Management Society (president of Korea University of Foreign bakjuyeon professor), etc. 3 ICT Sector dogs Institute comes 22 days containing the same information from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry I hope the next government: ICT policy and governance, today announced held a policy debate.

The policy debate ICT‧ the exercise of the three first Association co-hosted by the study of media policy areas, ICT‧ media governance priorities ICT policy ahead to next year s presidential election, the next government should aim to achieve this effectively and It will be presenting the opinions of academic experts about the direction of reform.

First, the first session, sets out the Dongguk University economics professor 20000000000000000 won the release of the ICT policy priority of the next government, and Kim, Sung – Chul of Korea University professor, gimjeongeon Information Society Development Institute (KISDI), Senior Research Fellow, Hee Jung Lee of Korea University Professor discussion.

■ plugged in to improve the law system ‧ in ICT policy priorities

20000000000000000 won the professor announced the results of the survey responses 70 academic experts that make up the entire ‧ incumbent executives of the three Institute analysis.

Experts were first cited improved methods ‧ islands ICT policy priority (1, 2 Rank respond total) of the next government (47.1%), fair competition environment (34.3%), industry promotion (32.9 percent), infrastructure in response to the advancement rate (7.1%), and overseas support (4.3%) it is relatively low.

In terms of policy priorities for the online platform it has responded to the order of the competitive market structure improvement (38.6%) and the user benefits such as preventing damage increase (28.6%), regulatory reverse discrimination eliminated (17.1%) of the.

Was not related to the digital transition policies the response rate of convergence ‧ effort (44.3%) for new services emerge, such as the My Data higher than the corresponding (22.9%), improved data relevant institutions for labor market changes in accordance with the digital switchover ( 20.0%) were followed.

Regarding the organizational structure for policy formulation and implementation of the ICT sector in the current organizational structure is maintained, but without regard to promotion and regulatory functions scattered in one opinion and the current organizational structure of suggesting consolidation (38.6), perform the ICT promotion and regulatory functions the new department will have higher response rates suggesting new (28.6%).

■ ICT Development Regulation ‧ integrate multiple opinions … should new control tower at the Blue House

Under the current organizational structure that some functional redundancy eliminated (17.1%), presidential any way the response is needed to adjust the organization and functions, including senior such control tower established (11.4%) reached a total of 95.7%, sufficient in the current organizational structure response rate was only 4.3%.

Gimjeongeon KISDI Senior Research Fellow, is a particularly tentative new industry regulations Conflict Committee has proposed the need to promote the digital switch to the policy challenges of the next government, new market creation, platforms economic contrast, data utilization promotion, implementation of intelligent information society, such as legal understanding between the parties by establishing a mechanism to adjust the conflict and offered to help oversee the regulation of new industrial innovation sector.

In the second session, Professor of Kyung Hee Lee, Sang – Won Media Department announced the theme of the next government of ICT‧ media governance policy reform measures, Kim Dong-chan and Citizenship Coalition for Media Reform Policy Chair, sinminsu Hanyang University Professor Shin yijonggwan Senior Research Fellow discussions It went on.

Professor Lee, Sang – Won has got to the current ICT‧ media governance policy has a defective integrated structural adjustments ‧ controls the member confusion and duplication of policy occurred, the lack of innovation, convergence of services and the digital transition and prepare the public and private sectors of criticism that it has failed to harmonize.

He proposed the establishment ICT‧ Media Relations Media section integrates the main features of the control tower and the role of private sector innovation, growth for the first response to the various issues that rapid changes in the media environment ICT‧ import.

In addition, about the public role to pursue new areas of jurisdiction ICT‧ Media Information Media Chief Secretary to the President, unlike the social and economic areas ‧ and cultural policy objectives to complement the coordination between ministries and install the controls public media, public broadcasting Committee It proposed to review the senior executives and opinion diversity assessment, issues that could have an impact on the public media of ‧ permits, and other such opinion.

In addition, publicize undergoing a process of reorganization in the promotion suggested the consideration of the Commission to publicize the introduction of citizen participation and institutionalized surveillance.

Kim, Sung – Chul of Korea University professor of panelists are need to be an IP powerhouse Korea, which means the Intellectual Property and Internet platform powers then the IT powerhouse Korea in the next government new national vision, to this country beyond the partial adjustment and integration of ICT-related ministries It argued that the need for a new flagship department to lead the digital competence in an integrated manner and give it the status and functions of the Deputy Prime Minister level.