Already in the ninth minute, the three-row series of Paris St. Germain dropped his class – first conquered Lionel Messi on his own penalty area the ball, Draxler sent Kylian Mbappé on the journey and the TGV storm made for the refinement. PSG had credited RB in the initial phase – something that certainly was not in the match plan of Leipzig s coach Jesse March. Of course you can send him super steeply with such balls. If he has a little place, he s just too fast, the former Wolfsburg and Schalker described the scene in which he wrote to the scoreboard.

That at the end despite this dream start the duel with the current respect of the Bundesliga then still a thriller for the French, Draxler did not greatly surprise. They played with a lot of confidence and have caused us problems, says Draxler towards Dazn .

After 90 minutes, however, the three points remained on the Seine, because we ended the place mercilessly at the end, like Draxler instructed the threesome. The individual class ultimately gave the rash for the second victory in the Champions League, which pushes PSG in place one Hievt – and RB punctless to the end of the table.

We also got another another in the summer, the goals can shoot.

Julian Draxler

We also got another another in the summer, the goals can shoot, Draxler said in relation to Messi. The Argentine transformed nerve-strong – in Panenka Manier – a penalty to the winner s goal, this had previously chosen MBappé.

Draxler bites on the teeth – because it makes huge fun

It makes huge fun with such players. I am pleased about every minute I standing with the guys in the square, Draxler said – and betrayed that he had to bite my teeth as many minutes as possible Mm to get. Because already in the early stages of this game was a violation-related replacement to the debate. I got a blow right at the beginning, but did not want to get out of all in such a game before sold-out house in the Champions League. Therefore, he tried everything with a tablet, explained the 28-year-old.

Mbappé and treat: So we are in the team

The bottom line was a whopping 90 minutes, the Draxler stayed on the field – Thilo Kehrer replaced him only in shortly before the inheritance time. In this there was the last act of mm . Another penalty for PSG, Messi or Mbappé was the question before the execution, which the two discussed – as already at the first penalty. First I told him that he should shoot and then it was the other way around, Mbappé said after the final whistle. So we are in the team.

His clattering loose misty over the goal did not matter anymore. What kind of Neymar has thought about?