The new work of the spiral smurf s adventure is released in Korea to stop the forest that has been polluted.

Eis To Interactive launches the two-day Osome Studio (Osome Studio) and launches the The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf PC version of the Action Adventure Games (MICROIDS).

As you can see in the name, you can enjoy the journey of smart people against the wicked wizards in Gagamel. Gagamel has found the recipe of wicked plants called Baillif in the old magic. The seeds from this plant can attract the smurf, and the plants that grow in the Biltlat are afraid of the forest, which is toxic.

Therefore, Papasmov will make efforts to make supermoral anti-pollutants that combine the power of the balifiers and to treat the poisoned plants. We must use the smurfser invented by the plums to leave the ingredients and leave the adventure to save the entire village with Smurf Friends.

Adventure is Smurpet, Muscle, a tip, and a chef that 4 smarts are spiral. They are a cleaner-like equipment smurf pier. With a smurf fibler, you can treat the infected plants in the bailfig, and you can draw a distant target or use it on the move.

The opening smurf-mission bailfish , which contains the adventures of Smurf, is sold in Direct Games from the 20th, and the price is 209,800 won. In the winter, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo switch versions are also available in Korean version.

For more information, see Direct Games Official Pages.