The Twitch Streamer Hasan Hasanabi piker has had a gaming PC built by a well-known Youtuber. But that has come up with some surprises for the streamer. Piker is considered politically links – and therefore his PC is now pretty far left.

Who go? The Streamer Hasan Hasanabi piker is an American with Turkish roots. The 29-year-old is almost only in Just Chatting . There he is known for his politically left views and his enthusiasm for discussions. He makes a kind of CNN for the generation Twitch.

He had his splendid time during the American choice, where he belonged to the mostly shaped twitch streamers.

That happened now: Hasanabi probably wanted to have a new gaming PC for his setting after he had recently bought an expensive house. For this he has turned to the Tech-Youtuber Linus by Linus Tech Tips. One of the most famous tech channels belongs to YouTube. Linus had founded the Canal 2008 and now comes to around 13 million subscribers.

But Linus has not assembled a PC with his team. Because he garnished the PC with all sorts of surprises, about which the future owner is likely to be more or less looking forward to. The price of the PC is around 6,000 US dollars (surrounded around 5200 euros).

Linus builds left gaming PC for left streamer

This PC has built Linus: In his video, Linus has now shown how he assembles the gaming PC for Hasanabi. Linus knows the political orientation of the streamer and has made various special features for the PC for this reason:

If piker tries to enter the letter A on the keyboard, then he always writes AOC. AOC is an acronym for the left congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, looking into the gaming and streaming world.
Whenever he uses the computer, a part of the processor power is donated.
Linus has dismantled the left feet of the PC so that the PC is slightly inclined to the left and thus emphasizes its political inclination.
The PC is also almost exclusively red: processor and graphics card come from AMD (Team red) and otherwise Linus has set only on components that look red. Red is the classic color of socialism.

What is the highlight? As soon as piker boots the computer and enter the password, the Russian national anthem starts. This hymn has to listen to the streamer for a whole 90 seconds before he can make anything on his computer.

Especially Fies: If he breaks the hymn, then the Windows Explorer and thus all menus from Windows does not work. Only when piker restarts the computer and the hymn has heard completely, then he can use the PC correctly. As that looks in reality, you can look at in the official video of Linus Tech Tips from Minute 9:10:

That s why the PC costs $ 6000: Linus installs only high-end components in the gaming PC. Underneath the fastest fastest processor from AMD in combination with AMD s fastest graphics card:

Asus Rog Crosshair VIII Extreme (Mainboard)
AMD Ryzen 9 5950 X (processor)
Crucial Ballistix 32 GB [2x 16 GB] DDR4-3600 (Memory)
Samsung 970 Evo Plus, 1 TB (hard drive)
Nocuta Na-HC3 (CPU cooler)
MSI Gaming X Trio RX 6900 XT (graphics card)

For the processor, you have currently paying around 750 euros, for which MSI Gaming X Trio RX 6900 XT you have to currently pay more significantly with 1549 euros (via

Hasanabi is stunned by his left computer

This is the reaction of the streamer: The streamer has meanwhile viewed a podcast where Linus tells about the PC. And Hasanabi shows a little enthusiastic about the action.

Because his PC not only shares his political orientation, but also told the same, he does not find good at all. Accordingly, he scolds in his video when he hears and sees what Linus has come up with everything for the PC.

Linus explained in a podcast: And if he tries to cancel [the hymn], your Windows Explorer will not be loaded, and he has to restart the computer and look at the hymn.

Hasan looked at this with a mixture of horror and amusement. He and said, Moment, he says that seriously?! What the fuck! No chance. Added to Linus that it is a 6000-dollar PC handling, the two feet are missing, Hasan Abi scolded: What should the shit, age!

What do you think about the action? Is this a funny action for you to annoy a streamer, or does the action go too far for you? Tell us in the comments and discussed with other users about it.

Incidentally, it is not the first time that Linus puts up with a twitch streamer. His last opponent was none other than FĂ©lix XQC Lengyel, who failed to assemble his own gaming PC: Tech-Youtuber mocks twitch star PC setup before 1.3 million people