The Streamer of Twitch Nicholas Nickmercs Kolcheff is still one of the most reliable and reliable voices in games when it comes to Call of Duty: War Zone. The title of Battle Royale, which is located in the middle of season 6 at this time, is still played almost constantly by Nickmercs, which makes it someone who knows the game at a very high degree. As such, if you are looking to learn some new strategies to overcome the competition, Nickmercs always has advice on what loads are the best at any given time.

In a recent video on the YouTube channel of him, Nickmercs spoke about how SMG weapons have gone incredibly well in recent history. In a general sense, subfusters are used by several players, so it is not so surprising to know that Nick thinks that the type of weapon is still very effective. However, he explained that the SMG specific that players should use at this moment is one that could be flying a little below the radar.

Specifically, Nickmercs believes that Mac-10 is the best SMG that players can use in call of duty: war zone for season 6. Although some have preferred OTS 9, Nickmercs said that Mac-10 is the one that still It must be prioritized. For many players, this is not so surprising since the MAC-10 has remained a viable weapon option in recent seasons in zona of war. While it might be easy to get away from the gun given the time it has been in the goal, Nickmercs still suggests that it should be the reference SMG. Then, if you have had trouble accumulating victories in zona of war lately, you may try to constantly move the Mac-10 and see if your luck changes.

With what weapons are you finding more success in call of duty: war zone at this time? And do you think the MAC-10 is still the best SMG of the game? Notice me in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.